Swine Flu!~

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well.. i noe i didnt update for few days.. lols..
basically, the reason was either i'm pissed off or stress or somewhere tat line..

ever since the H1N1 Flu in Sg turn to Orange alert.. haiz.. we need to take temp everyday..
wat does tat reminds mii of? SARS.. yup!~
but the thermometer part... haiz.. ASK US TO BUY OURSELVES!!!!
lols.. and ppl really know how to take advantage of the demand..
they practically increase the price of the thermometer for profit!~ wt...

i heard other skool like get cheaper rates for thermometer.. den us?!~ %^$%$%$&^%
in the end, i manage to get a thermometer at $10.. haiz..
this pict show how abnormal i was wen i first use it.. lols

the FLU ALERT in skool also require us to take temperature time to time..
so we had this am & pm stickers.. interesting.. but troublesome..

the reason for this pict is to show u the stickers! the orange stickers is for am...
and the green one is for pm.. everyday change colour.. lols..
nowadays, mii and others like keep taking picts la..
fun fun fun!~ lols
and the following pict shows how i was working hard in the lab.. lols!~ =X
[like real!!! ><>

this pict was taken today.. lols.. we were doing RISK tut and WEM.. lols..
den suddenly we started to take pict..
jasmine keep stressing that it's our last year already..
haiz.. i also noe how time is running short on us.. T^T
if u r wondering wat im eating.. lols. it's juz some chocolate snack tat jasmine c bought for mii...
it's nice larh!~ but too much is a NO NO!~ lols

on a side note..
i've finally told myself to stop..
but wen i was doing so, sth just happen that tell mii to give myself another chance..
and thus, i go on..
and again, another thing juz had to happen on the same day..
and i just have to tell myself that i must stop..
and as i was avoiding tat person today..
tat person show up in front of me like nobody business..
y be cruel to mii? y be unfair to me?
it hurts.. it hurts.. it's painful..
what should i do? wat u wan mii to do?
be frank and let's be clear bout this..
i dun wan to be a mad person going from one end to another end continuously..
seriously.. what can i do?