Rely On Me

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rely on me...
had been a phrase that keep on playin in my head...

rely on me...
was the phrase that my bf use wherever he console mii...

i think it's just in me that i'm the type of girl who is independent on her own...
maybe bcoz i mature too fast or sth like tat...
& it causes mii to be a domineering person...
im always the one who makes the decision..
always the one who initiates...
to the point that im tired of doing so...

thinking back...
from secondary school to polytechniic...
i realise that i'd lost many things...
i lost my smile...
i lost my passion...
i lost my confidence...
and many more...
some, i know where it all begins...
but some, i dont know where it started...
even if i cld turn back time...
im not even sure whether i'll do the same thing that i'd did..
or change for a better...
i juz not sure...

everytime my bf said 'rely on me'
i took it as a joke...
and replied 'like real' or 'like i can'
but behind those words,
he was being serious and sincere...
and it makes mii feel that im egoistic...
as a guy, he definitely have pride..
but then, im just being the one ignoring it..
as his gf, tat shudnt be sth i shud do..
i realise, im nt a good gf...

instead of taking the initiative to lead...
i shud have taken the initiative to follow him...
i rely on myself too much tat i had forgotten to rely on others..
nt juz my bf... but my family & friends as well..

even after i've said these..
im now in doubt as to whether i shud start relying on other...
im scared to rely on others..
im not confident enough to rely on others...
but slowly, im losing all the energy...
slowly, im losing all the energy to make others to follow mii..
im tired... and restless..

this is wat i feel like doing now..
sky gazing...
& wondering...
can i... rely on u?

Confessions of a Shopaholic!

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YEAP! It's the shopaholic outing! hahas..
i just realise that i haven't pay amirah the ticket money yet.. LOLS
niwaes, the movie was realli funnie laaaaaaaa...
it's NICE and it's realli worth it to watch..

we had out LUNCH+DINNER at PASTAMANIA first...
since we came earlier than the movie itself.. LOLS..
forgot to take picts of the food.. T^T
but yeah, i LOOOOVEEEE the apple crumble..
except for the fact that syakira make some sound tt triggers my stomach ache.. LOLS
plus amirah who SHOWER mii with the crumbles..
thanks arh thanks...

realli had a fun time chatting at Pastamania..
toking abt COLD JOKES and how others are doing..
catching up with each other and everything la!
topics will never run out on us...
and we just love laughing!!!

syakira with her "no skill" of selca.. hahas..
in the cinema while waiting for the movie to start!

the movie is soooo nice..
it has been some time that I really enjoy watching movie..
lots of laughter with a tiny bits of romance..
and they have nice soundtrack too! =D

all these are taken at some playground near Century Square...

this is really random ar..
amirah juz suddenly feels like kicking syak...
and we juz started posing for it..
i realise tat it's not easy to lift up our legs for even 3 SECONDS! lols

& lastly, if u r wondering y are there so many picts of amirah...
it's bcoz we(mii & syak) can't let here hold the camera...
apparently, her hand "shakes"...
and all the picts tat she took turn out blur.. LOLS

PS: original picts are uploaded at my facebook...

Personal Note:
syak was right... we always meet up, eat and watch movie..
how about a real outing where we go to ECP or sth to enjoy ourselves?
i shud plan one soon... lols..
and i already missed laughing alot today...
i wish everyday was like today where i can laugh ALOT!

and I'll end this post with this picture!

Happie Birthdae Say Haow

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hahas.. yesh.. his birthday falls on the 24th but we went out on the 26th instead...
and as usually, it's mii and chee meng tagging along! hahas...
the location was at Vivo City and the birthday boy came REALLI LATE! HMPH!!! hahas

our first stop (like amazing race like tat..LOLS) was Haagen Daaz...
if u are wondering y desert first...
it's because we were worried that we will get too full for desert after dinner...
so we had the fondue! love the fruits.. but the ice cream is realli realli realli mini scoops!

since there's only 3 of us, it's realli difficult to get the shot of all of us in...
but thanks to the staff there, we manage to get one!!!

after Haagen Daaz, we dun feel hungry to eat dinner..
so we decided to blow the cake first.. LOLS...
since the open space is DARK
all our shots are super duper bright with flash...
we all look slightly toooooo white..
so here comes all the edited version.. LOLS

im nt the birthdae gal, but since i'm in the middle, i had to hold the cake...

oh man... i love this picture..
this picture looks like instax photo rite?
while the 3 of us keep rotating to take the picts...
i must comment chee meng's skill in taking pictures...
take a look below..
hahas! either his face is missing or got cut! LOLS

after getting tired of taking pictures with lots of flashes spot in our eyes,
we finally had dinner at banquet... LOLS
eat, tok, eat, tok...
we went back early coz some ppl got work the next day.. hahas..

Personal Notes:
since the 3 of us rarely brought camera to take picts
despite the numerous outing,
shud say i did really enjoy this outing..
not to say i didnt enjoy the previous outings,
but this outing is one of those that i can never forget..
My Jap camera, our Jap faces, chee meng cannot aim & etc..
I realli enjoyed the day..

New Layout!~

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this time round, i've decided to change my layout to a more simpler type...
so, i hope there would be no more problems viewing the blog..
the sad thing is that, i didnt manage to save the links of my old blog..
so, I'm missing many ppl links..
whoever happen to drop by, please tag!!!

my empire is called Mathix!
other empire are like Biox, Chemix, Physox & Lithrix...
sounds familiar? YEAH
subjects in Sec Sch... hahas..
my empire mates are Sarah, Zul, Chermaine, Evan, Alishia, Alicia, Ke Xian, Cheryl, Fang Lu, Liyana, Leslie, Jamie, Yvonne, Lin, Jun Yan, QY, Yi Cong!
(sorrie if i miss anyone but i think this is it la... hahas)
our FA are Dave (my chronos mate) & Valenisha
the prob wif my empire is, there wld never be full attendance in a single day...
for example, the last day, we were the smallest.. hahas!
but QUALITY is better than QUANTITY!
hahas! im so HAPPIE la...
2nd time i'm in BeSt eMpIrE! hahas!
the ppl there are nice.. seriously.. i think we bonded fast..
but of course, not every empire is perfect...
some few things are realli juz TOO BAD!

the amazing race at the Pasir Ris Park is juz.. tooo much...
hahas! run run run.. till my leg ache! hahas...
mosquitoes there! blood sucker sia..
but.. it's fun!

during first day of OLTC.. haiz..
result came out!
i dint worst COZ GPA drop..
but by 0.02 onli.. hahas..
cant believe my FI got C+... i realli study la!!!
wth... but damn happie that i got 1 Z and 1 A... hahas..
the rest okie la.. hehe..
glad the result didnt affect my mood for the camp..

recently also...
OTC Refresh 2
wah.. at ECP... some sort of amazing race...
again, run run run...
wah.... i cant believe i actually dig the sand like a DOG juz to find a PIECE of paper..
but again... it's fun!

so, this week is my resting week coz i'll be busy packed next week onwards..
due to FO and then continue to Week 0..
den school reopen..
this holiday doesnt seems long AT ALL!!!

but thanked god.. i manage to go overseas for 1 week...
i went to malacca... bought lots of stuff!
FOR MYSELF.. hahas...

this is the gift that i bought for my BF...
was conned (nt literally)
but take a look at the gift first...

wondering wat this is?
it's juz a wax... made out from my hand..
(i had to suffer hot and cold repetitively!)
i had my doubt that it's my hand..
but wen i saw the ring mark...
IT IS MY HAND! hahas!

how i got conned?
well.. the banner states that double hand charge is RM20..
colour RM10 and base RM10..
total = less than RM 50
so i went to make one...
and it cost RM100!!!

how come?
double hand = double charge.
so total = 20 (double hand) + 20 (colour) + 20(base) + 20(solid fig.) + 20(lining)
the thing is, the person doesnt warm mii wen i ask the price at first, doesnt inform mii and the banner didnt states so!
but nvm la.. i think it's NICE!
moreover, IT'S RM!

and YAY! my fren Steph juz give birth recently to a baby gal!
her name is Claire... OMG! she's cute...
so they gave mii this cake voucher.. hahas

when i was sleeping, i somehow dreamt about how to fix my desktop...
amazing rite? hahas!
so i woke up and straight away went to try la...
it WORKS! lols!
after fixing, somehow, i was very tired...
i end up eating a tub of ice cream.. YUM YUM!

what's today plan?
HMMMM.. i'll be going for tuition later...
after that, go PP wif BF...
go buy wrapping paper to wrap Say Haow's present..
his bday was yest and mii and Chee meng celebrating it tmr...
after that, go dinner and ECP!
got fren chalet to go...

Right now, I'm just multi tasking...
Blogging, watching video, facebook and uploading music.
I must really REST...
can't afford to get sick..
FO coming! 7 more days!!!

What coming??
Say Haow's Bday outing
Outing wif Syak and Amirah
Reliez Refresh ++++++ outings
Freshmen Orientation
BF bday..
(yeah, bought present liao... way too advance, i know!)
Semester Briefing
Week 0
School Open!

tat's all for now!!!
i'm signing off!


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well.. i ended the last post on New Year's Eve...
and since then, i neither update or check the blog until todae.. LOLS
i was checking out Reliez blog wen i saw the amazing blogskin...
den i decided to have a quick look at my own blog..
juz to realise that i didnt update for 3 months long...

the second half of the semester had been a hectic period..
although im only taking like 3 subjects for the second half, it's still hectic...
lots of admin work - class, projects, assignment, presentation etc...
the normal thing that poly student go thru..

so wat had happen for the past 3 mths... hmmm
1) i had a new nephew. Md Nor Faiq.
2) TP Open House
3) celebrated 2nd bro, Huanyi's and Jasmine Lim bday
4) Valentine's Day
5) Final Exam
6) OTC Refresh 01

tat's more or less stuff had passed..
yup! new nephew.. hehe..
cute rite?!

TP Open House.
I'm the IIT guide this time round.
Although it was slightly awkward at first
(coz i didnt attend the training, things went well!)

i manage to meet some frens from TK..

yup! lots of february's babies... hahas
my 2nd brother birthdae!

Jasmine Lim's and Huanyi's bday present and cake!

On Huanyi's bday
we all went to bugis...
Ice Monster and some other shop.. hahas!

additional pict.. went out at the same day... hahas!
mii and my childhood fren, Hafizah..
Frens for mo
popular triple shots of Jasmine Lim.. hehe.
she dunno my blog so she wun know i upload here one.. LOLS

as for V-day.. i dun have much photos!
havent upload yet.. but i got one pict only..

year 2 Final Exam..
it's tough! it's tough!
but i had it done with..
hopefully, i got good results!

mugging in library!

mugging at night! CHIONG ARH!mugging in LT!

cuckoo teacher.. OOPS!!! he's nice la... always make mii laugh...
Upcoming Events
1) Reliez Chalet
2) OLTC + OTC Refresh 2
3) Overseas Trip =)))
4) Say Haow's birthdae
6) Week 0
7) School Reopen

definitely lots of thing coming in still..
hopes to stay healthy all the way and
hopes to enjoy every moment of my life..
Be Optimistic and Persevere!

Hariyani signing off!