Confessions of a Shopaholic!

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YEAP! It's the shopaholic outing! hahas..
i just realise that i haven't pay amirah the ticket money yet.. LOLS
niwaes, the movie was realli funnie laaaaaaaa...
it's NICE and it's realli worth it to watch..

we had out LUNCH+DINNER at PASTAMANIA first...
since we came earlier than the movie itself.. LOLS..
forgot to take picts of the food.. T^T
but yeah, i LOOOOVEEEE the apple crumble..
except for the fact that syakira make some sound tt triggers my stomach ache.. LOLS
plus amirah who SHOWER mii with the crumbles..
thanks arh thanks...

realli had a fun time chatting at Pastamania..
toking abt COLD JOKES and how others are doing..
catching up with each other and everything la!
topics will never run out on us...
and we just love laughing!!!

syakira with her "no skill" of selca.. hahas..
in the cinema while waiting for the movie to start!

the movie is soooo nice..
it has been some time that I really enjoy watching movie..
lots of laughter with a tiny bits of romance..
and they have nice soundtrack too! =D

all these are taken at some playground near Century Square...

this is really random ar..
amirah juz suddenly feels like kicking syak...
and we juz started posing for it..
i realise tat it's not easy to lift up our legs for even 3 SECONDS! lols

& lastly, if u r wondering y are there so many picts of amirah...
it's bcoz we(mii & syak) can't let here hold the camera...
apparently, her hand "shakes"...
and all the picts tat she took turn out blur.. LOLS

PS: original picts are uploaded at my facebook...

Personal Note:
syak was right... we always meet up, eat and watch movie..
how about a real outing where we go to ECP or sth to enjoy ourselves?
i shud plan one soon... lols..
and i already missed laughing alot today...
i wish everyday was like today where i can laugh ALOT!

and I'll end this post with this picture!