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well.. i ended the last post on New Year's Eve...
and since then, i neither update or check the blog until todae.. LOLS
i was checking out Reliez blog wen i saw the amazing blogskin...
den i decided to have a quick look at my own blog..
juz to realise that i didnt update for 3 months long...

the second half of the semester had been a hectic period..
although im only taking like 3 subjects for the second half, it's still hectic...
lots of admin work - class, projects, assignment, presentation etc...
the normal thing that poly student go thru..

so wat had happen for the past 3 mths... hmmm
1) i had a new nephew. Md Nor Faiq.
2) TP Open House
3) celebrated 2nd bro, Huanyi's and Jasmine Lim bday
4) Valentine's Day
5) Final Exam
6) OTC Refresh 01

tat's more or less stuff had passed..
yup! new nephew.. hehe..
cute rite?!

TP Open House.
I'm the IIT guide this time round.
Although it was slightly awkward at first
(coz i didnt attend the training, things went well!)

i manage to meet some frens from TK..

yup! lots of february's babies... hahas
my 2nd brother birthdae!

Jasmine Lim's and Huanyi's bday present and cake!

On Huanyi's bday
we all went to bugis...
Ice Monster and some other shop.. hahas!

additional pict.. went out at the same day... hahas!
mii and my childhood fren, Hafizah..
Frens for mo
popular triple shots of Jasmine Lim.. hehe.
she dunno my blog so she wun know i upload here one.. LOLS

as for V-day.. i dun have much photos!
havent upload yet.. but i got one pict only..

year 2 Final Exam..
it's tough! it's tough!
but i had it done with..
hopefully, i got good results!

mugging in library!

mugging at night! CHIONG ARH!mugging in LT!

cuckoo teacher.. OOPS!!! he's nice la... always make mii laugh...
Upcoming Events
1) Reliez Chalet
2) OLTC + OTC Refresh 2
3) Overseas Trip =)))
4) Say Haow's birthdae
6) Week 0
7) School Reopen

definitely lots of thing coming in still..
hopes to stay healthy all the way and
hopes to enjoy every moment of my life..
Be Optimistic and Persevere!

Hariyani signing off!