Photos! Photos! Photos!

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first thing first.. sorrie reliez.. i've been missing the outings!
1st outing - my cousin's wedding.. totally can't escape.. YUP!
2nd outing - i'm having ADER test at 7pm.. i tot it was 1hr.. but nope.. more than that..
3rd outing - i still got lesson till 1.45pm!!! sorrie again.. -_-'''
4th outing - countdown... i got plans with my frenss.. so sorrie.. T^T

so tat's wat happen.. so sorrie.. i juz got too many submission, test and other..
monday - ITPM submission and FI presentation.. haiz..
tuesday - ADER test.
wednesday - SA final PART 1 consultation + group proj meeting
thursday - holiday..
friday - ITPM group discussion for comm session
saturday - ITPM comm session..

1st WEEK SO HECTIC LIAO! haiz........

okie okie.. back to the main point... i couldnt upload photos from the previous post.. so sorrie.. but yeah.. i will upload all here..

first.. my b'day photos...
the celebration...
the little miss sunshine cake was the celebration at cerntury square with Jasmine Lim, Jasmine Chow, Huanyi and Joyce... isnt the cake cute?!

home celebration.. hahas.. with my nephew, faqif.. he's juz too cute.. and getting more naughty and clever now!birthday presents!
the baby eeyor is a gift from say haow.. chee meng gave mii choc!
the other bear, the brown dog, was the exchange christmas gift between mii, Huanyi and Jasmine Chow.. the white smaller dog, i bought myself one.. hahas.. collection..
yeah.. we all have the same dogs.. but diff colour.. and this is the shared b'day present from the class... SS501 photobook!!! it's nice!!!
and here are some shots that i love from the book.. i didnt take all.. hahas.. 501 picts.. all are soo good..
my fav 3 member.. Kim Hyung Joon, Kim Hyun Joon, Kim Kyu Jong, respectively!
fav member! fav member! Kim Kyu Jong!!! he's CUTE and SHY..
Kim Hyung Joon.. he's juz too cool..
this necklace is designed by Kim Hyun Joong! he's sooo talented.. i want tat necklace too.. it's very nice!!! It contains his initials, treble clef and SS501~

sad that they had left.. but received good news!
in MBC Entertainment Award, they won the best couple!!! CONGRATS!
among all the picts, the left the page 501 empty.. it's for the buyer to put their own pict.. yes.. we're are ONE!

in addition to the SS501 book.. i bought the special mini album of SS501 subgroup - Triple S..
although, it's a sub group, due to Hyun Joong drama and Jung Min musical.. it's still GOOD!
here's the CD!

doesnt it looks cool?!
here's some pict in their CD booklet..

and here's the CD!
inside the pachage got 3 POSTER.. wow! it's super worth it!!!

with all the posters, picts and cds!
i'm lovin' it!!! =P

tmr is new year!!!
yeap.. counting down..

i hope the coming year would always be a better year for mii..
hope i get good intership company..
hope i can be happie always..
YEAH!!! =P