my soul searching trip....ALONE..

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alot ask mii why i made the sudden decision to travel overseas.. wat's worst is tat.. travelling alone..
it's hard for mii to explain.. it was on impulse.. with anger and sadness feeling surrounding mii.. and yes.. no one knew about this trip.. not my family.. not my friends.. not even dee.. until the day of my flight itself.. wen i was contemplating whether i shud travel.. it was hard.. but i made up my decision with this tot.. "i might not have the money and time like i have now.. so might as well go for it.. " and so i did.. i went over to indonesia..

day 1 (tues)
to make things less complicated.. i'd packed in the morning itself.. den slowly break the news to ppl.. LOL.. only a few knew where i went on tat day.. and then off i go.. first day was quite boring.. while waiting to check in to hotel.. i went around.. it's definitely different travelling alone.. with my personality tat's quite easy.. i walk ard according to my instinct.. bearing in mind.. this is not my country.. i'm a gal.. and i should be careful at all time.. hahahas... it was quite a sight..

went to one of the shopping mall near my hotel.. and then.. i met a fren there.. surprise surprise huh?! hahahas. i met my sec fren there.. i guess god was blessing mii.. he brought mii around.. and tell mii wat i can do with ard there.. i asked for his advice.. saying tat im seeking peace and time alone.. and so there come an idea where i shud travel down to the villages.. the only way to go there was to take bus.. and so i spend the day.. thinking where to go.. how to go.. and making sure.. i have the means to come back to the city.. i spend the whole day window shopping.. sit around.. go to my fren house to play... hahahas.. it's interesting how unplanned things turn out to be exciting.. (((:

day 2..
after breakfast.. i quickly check out from my hotel.. and then head down to the bus station to take bus to a village.. damn.. i cant remember the village name.. LOL! and so.. i went down.. it was 3 hrs bus ride down.. and haiz.. the bus condition..reminds mii of malacca city bus.. LOL! no comment.. i couldnt sleep.. couldnt eat.. so i just enjoy the greenery.. or should i say sandy trip.. LOL!

once reached the village.. i have no place to stay.. and so i keep walking and walking and walking.. till i saw a children's home.. with my skill in speaking bahasa.. i asked them if they could take mii in for one night.. and so.. they welcomed mii.. and to my surprise.. they took mii in for free.. feeling burdened... i offered to help out in the place.. this is where everything is interesting..
i helped to clean up the place.. and god.. it was an eye opener.. everywhere is dirty and dusty.. sandy.. i cant describe.. i used to complain how messy my house is.. here.. even complaining is useless.. i spent hours cleaning up.. and even so.. it's still not very tidy.. the weather is super hot.. and i sweat to the max.. reaching night time.. feeling super tired and hungry.. i offered to cook dinner for the kids.. it's funnie.. coz i used to hate cooking at home.. my mum always nagged at mii to cook... but there.. im actually following my mum's instruction in cooking.. with the ingredients tat they have.. i'd made cooked rice.. cabbage soup with carrot.. and sambal goreng without meat.. it was tough.. coz the portion is bigger.. so i need to roughly guess the ingredient to be put inside.. but thanked god.. it turned out well.. every kid seems to enjoy it.. maybe it's becoz it's something they never try before?? LOL! i dunno.. after tat.. i did cleaning and all..
doesn't it feel as if im doing community service alone?! hahahahas.

really late at night.. i went to the nearby mosque for prayer and then as i walked on the dark road.. it was too scary for mii.. too dark for mii.. i was scared.. but then.. as i looked up in the sky.. it was beautiful.. maybe bcoz the surrounding is dark.. there seems to be thousands of star in the sky.. there were alot of stars.. shining brightly.. back to the home.. the kids were resting.. some were talking.. some were learning.. some were singing.. it was quite happening.. i join here and there.. mostly i did talking.. coz they were curious about who i am.. where i came from and all.. the caretaker there was super friendly to mii.. she shares lots of stories about some of the kids and all.. slightly dramatic isnt it?! hahahahas. some stories were really sad.. making mii move to tears... and making mii realise.. how lucky i am.. being in singapore.. being educated.. being well brought up.. even though..i have to go thru some hardship.. nothing is compared to theirs..

day 3..
i went to the local markets there.. seeing and buying stuff back to the home.. to my surprise.. i met my aunt's ex maid there... i was really happie to see her.. i mean.. i was quite close to her.. and so.. i keep wondering why she didnt come back singapore to be come my aunt maid again.. so seeing her.. it's like.. i was really really happie.. hahahas... she brought mii to her house.. and there i saw her kids and husband.. we had a great catch up.. she even cried saying she miss our family.. haiz.. i understand how she felt.. 2 years taking care of the kids.. im sure she misses the kids.. and she curious how they are now.. i showed them their pictures from my phone.. managed to call home so tat they could chat with her.. hahahahas.. i was thinking.. wat kind of fate it is.. tat i met ppl tat i noe in an alien country.. it's such a small world u noe!!

i dun wish to share the place to shower and all.. it was freaking mii out.. till the point.. i dun wan to shower naked.. LOL! i spend the afternoon walking ard.. seeing here.. seeing there.. i feel soooo sad wherever i see the old ppl there.. haiz.. it was really a sight.. just seeing is tough.. how about them who have to go through all tat.. haiz.. the weather is freaking hot.. and i even thought i experience earthquake there.. but nah.. it was nth.. towards the evening.. back to dinner.. this time.. we get to eat meat! LOL! from the morning shopping.. i bought chicken (lots of it) and asked the caretaker to help mii to cook.. LOL! i cant handle poultry well yet.. hehehehe.. and so we had a filling dinner..

by right.. im like supposed to go back on day 3.. but then.. i missed my bus back to the city and so i had to stay back another day at the village.. hahahahas.. it was a mixed feeling.. i keep wondering.. where i did the right thing to stay a day longer there.. hahahahas.. tat night.. i talk to the caretaker again.. and i gave her things tat i bought in the morning.. i bought lots of stationaries and notebook for the kids.. and lastly.. i gave all the cash i have.. both rupiah and sing dollars.. hoping tat it would be a great help to them..

day 4
woke up real early to catch up the morning bus back to the city.. coz im catching my flight back in the noon.. and yes! i went back cashless! depending fully on my cards!!! hahahahas.. my bag is lighter too.. coz i gave some of my shirt to them.. and then.. home sweet home..

haiz.. lot of things learnt.. i see soo many things.. i hear soo many things.. tat i wish to keep to only myself.. i wish.. and i think.. i will not travel alone anymore!!!!!!! hahahahas.. i even lost my camera.. TT^TT

and deee! stop being angry with mii will ya.. u were..........1/99999999999999999999999999 responsible for my trip! u noe why.. dun ask mii.. so forgive mii~~ and stop being petty.. and be happie!!! u noe i love you alot!! hehehe!~

hari.signing off!!