it's over..

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well.. i didnt update for quite some time.. hahas..
more than 2 weeks? lols.. i also dunno..
despite having a 2 weeks holiday, which i was supposed to enjoy it till i drop dead..
my 2 weeks for filled with so many things.. but no doubt, i still did get some rest..

right after the WEM paper on friday, i straight away went back to my village for my cousin or relatives wedding.. someone close la.. hahas..
many things happen there.. for example, i reach at 7pm-8pm like tat la..
and i didnt expect to do anything, once i'd reached.. so i wore really slack.. like how i normally do in Singapore.. but bad idea.. coz i was told to take part in some kind of religious reading la..
since it's religious, it's obvious i SHOULD be fully covered la.. but i tot, it doesnt matter much and just join in.. just to feel awkward being looked at by the olds and the youngs.. but hu cares, the mandatory thing is tt im contributing to the readings.. lols..

and i was super surprised.. i didnt expect syafiq parent to build the house right next to mine.. it was like... even much closer than neightbours.. on the second floor, i can see wat he doing and he can see wat im doing.. but hu cares la.. we met for like one day and tat's it.. and abt the house thing, im not gonna live there.. so it doesnt affect mii much.. hahas..

back in Singapore, my 2 weeks was full with AYG trainings and duties, competition proposal meet-ups and of course OUTING!~ i had outings with shuxian and gang, say haow and cheemeng, and many more la. hehe..

AYG for fun to a certain extent.. juz dun like the fact tt i kena 3 weeks duty +++ everyday.. even after requesting for change twice, they still reject mii.. now they deserve it.. thanks to my competition, i cant contribute much.. hahas..

speaking of competition, finally submitted it last sat.. and the result is this week if im not wrong.. hahas.. deep down in my heart, i felt guilty towards ronald.. coz he really need to do lots of work.. not just his part, but for my part as well.. coz it's like, im busy with AYG, and he really didnt complain much and help mii out all the way.. den as for my part, he always need to look thru and read thru again to correct my grammar errors and all.. im really grateful to him for being my partner.. and yes, i owe him lots of drinks and starbuck it is.. hahas.. so competition, it's over (maybe).. why maybe? coz im hoping to go at least top 6..

and this week is the first week of school.. and im supposed to go back sch tmr for SIP briefing, photo taking and maybe MP briefing.. not looking forward for school yet i need to put in all effort from now on.. haiz.. it's MAJOR PROJECT for GOODNESS SAKE and i SWEAR im regretting my PROPOSAL NOW.. and i wonder who will be in my GROUP!~ i dun wanna suffer like RISK again.. once is enough.. so.. yeap.. holiday is OVER!~

feel sorrie for 2Cube.. i promised an outing with them during the holidays but i didnt manage to organise nor attend any(if there is one)... hope to organise one soon during the weekend to make up for it.. hoping and i wun promise.. coz i dun wan to break tt promise..

and here i am in Singapore alone.. coz my family go LANGKAWI without mii.. it sux coz the holiday timing is different.. haiz.. but okie la.. FREEDOM!~ can go home, can dont go home.. but then.. wen im alone.. i sleep earlier than i usually do, i go out less and i go home early.. hahas.. but i wun be spending tonite home.. hehe.. (:

okie la. i've finally update my blog.. and i finally stop my certain habit..
and i finally declare.. it's over between us.. hahas.. i manage to overcome tt habit..
and yes.. NAPFA is coming.. i dunno whether i wanna pass it or fail it.. hahas..
and as some of u may noe, i injured my leg recently..
wah.. the scar, so big!!!~ can cry okie!~ haiz..