Trying to blog from my itouch..

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Hahas.. This is interesting.. I can only input words from the HTML part n not the compose column.. Lols
actually I got many things to post up.. But I keep thinking whether it's good to share in a blog which many ppl can see... Haiz
so I had decided not to post anything about those that I was soooo happie about.. Lols

I'd told myself that I'm not going to look for it and wait for it to come.. But then.. Somehow.. Same thing happens again n again... Haiz.. But I guess the way I handle my feelings is slightly different this time.. . One thing for sure.. I keep denying that I like him.. Even to myself.. I myself wants him as a good fren and nothing more.. Coz this will lead to nowhere n in the end of the day... The one gettin hurt is mii n not him.. So let mii myself set the barrier and hold myself together before i fall into the bottomless pit...

I know I'm getting more and more attracted to him.. But whatever I do, I'll tell myself that being his frens is better than confessing and then become awkward with each other becoz of some confessions... Haiz.. I'll just wait an wait n will not take the initiative.. (: