xmas bazaar

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okie.. quick update on my bday celebration.. LOLS
on my bday itself, yes, spent the whole day with syakira and amirah.. hahahas
i dunno y.. but we never got bored with each other..
everytime we meet each time, time always run out on us! hahahas.

den at night, decided to rest at home and chat chat.. notably with panha.. LOLS.
thanks ar.. chat wif u but then u forget my bday.. hahas.

i purposely keep myself awake till 2359 coz im waiting for someone's wish..
but well, wat to do, although i had zero expectation, i still hoping for it..
but im still thankful for whatever i have..

on the 6th dec... i went out to see my dearie niece over at my sis in law house - JURONG!
hahas.. before going there, i had a little fall before entering the car.. hahahas..
my 2nd brother reaction - "anyone heard the sound of someone fell?"
my 3rd brother reaction - "i only saw u standing up.. DID U EVEN FALL?"
my mum reaction - "EHHHHH! young ppl fall down can stand up easily.. UNLIKE mii, i would sit there and cannot stand up anymore."
walau.. coz of my mum's scream, the whole world like noe i fall la! EMBARRASSING can! RAWR

den reached there liao.. i held my niece again.. I TOTALLY dun understand guys at all.. wat's wrong with carrying a little baby.. it's like damn light wat.. hahahas.. my niece like getting cuter la! HAHAHAS. and the thing i can never understand.. wherever i hold her, she would fall ASLEEP full force.. hahas.. im now called dullop pillow for her.. hahahas..
den during evening, my bro send mii over to PP to meet nicole.. thanks la.. save mii the trouble of travelling so far.. hahahas...

today.. RAWR..
this morning.. already rushing to work.. i wanted to meet nicole at mrt.. FAIL la..
den at the lobby lift, i nearly trip.. den i tore my pants - the bottom part.. LOLS.. damn embarrassing la.. hahahas.. something is totally wrong with mii today..
after that, go pantry, wanying accidentally spill soap on mii. but still NOT so bad.. hahhas. wen i sit down at my desk, I SPILL my TEA! rawr! SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH MII TODAY! RAWR! nth goes right.. nth goes okie.. RAWR! my bro ask mii to go for flower bath.. TSK! dun curse la!~

xmas bazaar.. wah damn shag la.. i totally no creativity.. ZERO! ZERO! thanked god got nicole.. she helped miii most of the time.. thankful to my dept for being understanding and supportive... TOTALLY NOOB! thanks sikai, zhiyuan and nicole for helping the setting up.. hahas.. i had more fun setting up la!~ funnie sia..

and just minutes ago.. huanyi come back singapore liao! WAT THE HECK! i tot next mon! hahaha.. sadded.. didnt fetch her la.. i also feel so damn shag today.. haiz.. sad sad sad.. nvm.. let's meet for lunch soooon!~

tat's all for mii to say? hahahahas.
and for HL - great that things went back to normal.. though im sad.. im still glad.. and FYI, i think we got closer wherever we quarrel.. but pls, i dun wanna quarrel with u alreadi!~ time is running out.. and i just wanna treasure the time together..