my adv bday celebration

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this year bday celebration was definitely wonderful with many ppl celebrating with mii~ woohoo..

01 dec.
this was the first advance celebration.
mii, jasmine chow and lim with valerie went to marina square to eat pizza @ pizza hut.
hahas.. i already knew that the purpose of meeting is to celebrate my bday however i didnt expect it to be so grand.. ahahas.. thanks guys!
the first 2 happie birthdae song honestly dissappoint mii but u guys didnt dissappoint me at all since the 3rd song is for mii!! hehehe.

and the cam whoring and wishing ball thingy at esplanade was really wonderful!~ HAD lots of laughter.. thanks la.. ahahahas

03 dec...
thanks ar vale.. nicce surprise..
the interns celebrated my bday 2 days in advance.. Y? coz they wan to surprise mii.. LOL
sorrie to sikai for being the victim of being smacked! hahahas.. they sooo funnie la..
i tot they would celebrate my bday on fri instead of thurs.. LOLS.
nicole called miii over to their seat coz sikai keep bugging her.. so i went there la..
JUST TO SMACK sikai.. LOLS.. den wen i went over, smart ar guys, went to take my cam and lighter from my bag.. LOLS.. i was pulled to the toilet.. NICOLE, u damn good actress! DAMN GOOD.. den finally we decided to go pantry and slack.. i GOT shocked.. i saw a cake..
still in disbelief, they told mii they celebrating other ppl bday.. n I REALLY BELIEVE u guys.. LOLS.. and thanks hor... huever hu contributed the idea of mii pulling the candle holder!~ damn disgusting can.. but i hope u guys enjoy it..

04 dec..
here comes another surprise.. due to sharleen going Japan, wishful thinking mii tot tat they would celebrate on 3rd rather than 4th.. so on the 4th, i have ZERO expectation liao.. LOLS..
but well.. the team celebrated for mii as well!~ hahahahas.. was really shocked and happie la... LOLS... chris was asking mii to turn over in a hurried tone.. and i tot i did something wrong.. and then there they go singing bday song to mii.. never expect the team to noe my bday la.. hahahas.. almost cried.. coz my expectations all turn haywire..

one surprise after another.. start off with joanne bday present after lunch.. followed by bbt on my table and then my team giving mii present.. i was really caught by surprised... and the bday card makes mii cry can.. the whole team had signed it despite only 3 of them in Singapore. this shows that they knew it way in advance liao.. ahahahas..

den wen i go home.. embarrassing moment happen in the train.. thanks sikai for saving mii.. LOLS..

reach home, i see my mum only.. I TOT GOT FAMILY DINNER? lols..
just to be surprised by another bday cake in front of mii.. hahahs.
this time round, only my third brother is able to make it.. the other 2 elder brother got work... sadly.. however, they brought my cousin's kids home thus it's more merrier.. hahahas.

all these are advance lei.. the actually day has yet to come.. had blown candles 3 times.. eat cake 3 times.. and celebrated 4 times.. definitely a happening bday celebration for mii this year..

very thankful and grateful to those hu remembered my bday.. celebrated my bday.. A VERY BIG THANK YOU! im soo happie.. although there's no big celebration, these small events really touches my heart! (:

actually, im having depressing moments as well.. however, i shall not spoilt this post! hahahas!
now im looking forward to our double celebration tmr with my BFF - amirah and syakira! and sunday!!! will be meeting my dearie niece arrysa!~

god bless! (: take care! (:

PS thanks for forgiving mii but i still feels guilty.. cant forget ur stare.. but it's a lesson learnt.. and as adviced, it was a honest mistake.. i shall repent on my mistakes and be a better person..