Because I'm a Fool.. LOLS

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hahas! today is Amirah's birthday! hahahas.. happie birthdae babe! LOLS
as usual, her bday celebration will always be pushed back together as mine.
this year, the plan will be the same where we'll be meeting each other this coming saturday. (:

weekends are simply the best day since it's the day where i can rest the most! woohoo!
but then, today.. i went out with zhiyuan to shop for chritmas bazaar booth..
wah.. it was a long journey walking around but i think it's quite fun! (:
thanks zy for willing to accompany mii.. HAHAS!

we went to PS den to Bugis Junction.. hahahas.
we did our fair share of shopping as well.. TILL I FORGOT to buy my book! LOLS

and woohoo! i managed to go to dorothy p. to buy jeans! YAY! hahahas..
very happie coz i managed to get 2 jeans at an offer price and i got the $5 voucher.. hahahas.
another happie thing is i managed to eat my ice monster after sooo long.. weee! (:

after hours of shopping, totally not my cup of tea, i dragged my feet home!
go home just to see julian, fakhrudin and johann spamming on facebook! LOLS
they always make mii feels like organising an outing.. hehehe..

and mr chang, rawr! randomly tok to mii today.. and still dare to say he wanna vomit blood! hahahas. mr chang, u r as funnie as ever.. hahahas.. my fav. form teacher la u! hehe! xD

and now here i am sitting at home watching tv... with my bros.. lols..
at some point of time, i feel soooooooooo emo.. hahas.
so in order to entertain myself, i keep listening to this song..
hope it makes ur day as well! (:

this song is from You're Beautiful OST - A song for a Fool - Park Sang Woo
this song really reflects how i feel right now.. hehehehe! (: