I love Aydan part 2~

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lols.. okie.. i got his name spelling wrongly! LOLS..
his name is spelled A-Y-D-A-N! lols..
managed to get his photos.. can't blame him for looking at mii.. coz as i said last time..
i jumped in last minute.. lols.. well.. at least i got his pict! that's leeflyn and jasmine..
apart from tat.. LAST week, i was called xmas tree early morning.. hahas.. THIS week, i was called SANTA CLAUSE!! and his reasonings crack mii up.. as always.. hahahas.. (:

this week has been a lonely one.. sad.. but then... there are enjoyable ones as well..
especially love yesterday.. coz it's half day.. and yet i achieved many things..
finally gave him the tie.. hahas.. his supposed bday present bcum xmas present.. hahahas.
it's a relief actually.. at least, now i dun have to think wen to give it to him.. lols..

Asian Bellz was good.. hahas.. it's a different experience altogether.. being the performer and the audience.. wen i watch, lots of the songs reminds mii of the past.. omens of love reminds mii of secondary school life.. It's time for sayang sayang reminds mii of the times i work with Main Wayang Company.. great performance by Axil with the Electone.. cool sia.. makes mii wanna learn it.. LOLS!

xmas eve.. i made an imprompt outing.. hahas.. sorrie for being demanding! hahahas..
but cool la... went out with vale for sushi buffet at first.. den we went for swensens with sikai and zhiyuan for dinner/dessert.. hahahas.. it was quite fun actually.. i finally have a group of ppl to hang out with in attachment.. love them for being sporting! hahahas.. reallie fun and i had lots of fun.. hope others have fun too.. hahas.. and LEE SI KAI! im still demanding xmas present from u! hahahas. went arcade.. hahas.. it's been ages since i play arcade laaaa.. lols.. fun fun fun.. weee (: thanks for making mii laugh.. coz i really needed one.. hahahs..

ur sms on monday and ur sms last night.. makes my day.. im afraid of being greedy..
but somehow.. i feel that im giving up on u.. giving up and changing lane.. maybe it's time..
that i'm finally ready to give up.. and remember it as one of the good memories i had..
hopefully.. well.. at least i hope.. i dun hesitate.. or doubt my decision..

here is Omens of Love that is popularise by T-Square.