print notes!

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lols.. it's like i spend lots of my time today printing notes.. hahas.. it's like there's so many notes.. i fear i wun have time to priint - which is always the case.. hahas.. so mii and my gals keep printing and printing.. and chow was nice enuf to bind for mii.. hahas.. we finish up all papers and yet still not enuf.. so we end up buying the expensive paper at the printing shop.. hahas..

so how's the day huh? well..
CMSK4 - we got the same teach as last sem.. the teacher taught us for few weeks den change to sandra wong.. yeah.. tat one.. hahas.. she's fun to begin wif.. but she can get super serious wen i gets to work.. hahas.. afterall, i think i had a fun lesson wif her today..

lunch - i share tom yam wif chow.. hahas... im not suppose to eat spicy at the first place.. hahas.. and waffle! yummy! had my fav chocolate waffle.. hehes..

BIS - super dry! our tutor went on and on and on bout the subject.. till i got bore.. and yeah.. im a bad senior.. i went to watch video.. hahas.. after tat, at the second hour, she asked us to do research.. haiz.. so boring.. den the third hour, i went printing.. hehes..

COTS - the tutor looks okie lei.. yeah.. hahas.. i did my ttl! hahas.. first time.. lols not.. so yeah.. wasted some time.. den went printing again! haiz.. while waiting for my freshie.. i tot im meeting gloria only.. suddenly, huazhen, xiaoyue, yvonne, priscilla, cindy, stacy, elson, lixing and EUGENE was there.. i dunno who else la.. sorrie if i didnt mention.. hahas.. i had lots of fun wif them.. i stress again! i love c210! hahas.. they r great and funny freshies.. and tat eugene keeps saying im a bad senior.. haiz.. im so heartbroken.. lols.. someone dun get jealous ar.. hahas..
but seriously.. am i really tat bad senior? it makes mii wonder.. lols..

so i went on talking to them till they finish printing.. den now im slacking at lib(cant believe it) till 7pm den go for komez dinner.. hahas.. first time entering library(this sem).. i dunno la..

and yeah! my dear c210, please eat together wif mii at 11am lei! dun eat at 10am coz i got COTS lecture! hahas.. wait for mii! and please.. i really hope u guys could go for the sentosa outing.. i wanna show u guys to my chronosians.. hahas.. if not, i very sad lei.. hahas..

shall we have a c210 dinner some time? hahs.. i really love to see u guys.. hahas.. arent i a nice senior? lols..