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hahas.. lots of good things happen today.. hahas..

early in the morning, my brother keep cracking jokes la! bug mii early in the morning.. hahas.. den go to skool.. i go wif ardy.. although we r neighbours, we didnt get to meet each other often.. can u believe it, i meet him after soo many months.. so many things had happen to him and yet i noe noothing.. hahas.. the bus ride was a good catching up wif each other...

i heard a sad news though... bout kaiwen's father.. although it might be a bit too late.. but i wish i could do something for him.. but i guess it's really too late.. i dunno y.. i kept thinking bout it.. i cry at times.. but yeah... y isnt he contacting us? i really dun understand..

den wen gg home, i saw benjamin komez.. hahas.. was toking to him then i MET SOBIR! lols.. soo long didnt see him also.. hahas! i was stunned or dumbfounded by his blue braces! LOLS! hahas.. even wen im thinking of it now, i would laugh.. too cute.. hahas.. if he didnt call mii juz now, i wouldnt realise tat i passed by him.. and if i didnt meet him earlier, i wudnt be toking to him onthe msn now! lols.. catching up wif each other.. he is as usual.. irritating.. some ppl really dun change huh?! lols.. and he suggested tat we shud organise a gathering.. hahas.. juz thinking of it makes mii excited.. hahas.. i really love E4Commitment.. best class ever..

so im super high now.. still toking to sobir.. hahas.. okie.. tat's all for now..