Rest in Peace

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hey guys.. i know i didnt update my blog for quite some time..
but im just too sad right now..

Clifton Lam.. May u rest in peace..
U r my dearest FA who had never failed to recognise mii..
i still remember the last time we met..
u were smiling as always..
ur angelic smile, ur cute laughter, will never be forgotten...
may u rest in peace..

I just cant believe that u r gone.. .
When i saw the news on the paper, i just cant believe that it's u..
when i realise that it's u, no words can describe my feelings rite now..
i still cant believe it..

Perhaps, God loves u more than us..
Thus, he brought u back first..
Take care, Clifton...

*** for those who wants to visit Clifton, Please meet at the student lounge at 8.30pm.. Thanks