Final Goodbye

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On sunday.. it's the final day, the funeral day, the cremation day..
I'm working at 2 thus i couldnt stay long.. i juz stayed till he left.. till it's really the final goodbye for mii..

the moment i enter the wake area, there's so many ppl.. i reach at 11.45am.. i juz stand at the back.. den suddenly, i saw the pictures that SU had put up.. i couldnt stop myself but cry..
all the picts were him and others.. he was smiling sweetly.. he was having a great time.. looking cool in his clothes.. i saw those picts.. wen i see Zilra pictures.. i cant stop crying too.. someone who is so close to us.. yet, he's gone..

i went nearer.. to see a better picture of the pictures.. den i saw few Zilra mates, GLs all mourning.. all i could do for them is console them, lend a shoulder, while deep inside, im crying out loud.. such a painful feeling..

den alot of them start offering incent.. i juz stood behind.. recalling those times.. those moments.. but wen it's time to see him for the last time.. ALL the student sang Temasek School Song.. wen all were singing, i cant stop crying.. all were singing in unison.. all were singing and crying.. wen i finally reach the coffin.. i said my FINAL goodbye and rest in peace.. and i finally cry out loud.. wen his mother thanked us for coming to see his son, said that we are brother and sisters and good frens to Clifton, i cry out loud too.. i juz couldnt control myself anymore..

den they do the ceremony, closing of coffin and finally the military ceremony.. I only witnessed the covering of coffin with the Singapore Flag, the sword(i think) and his wings.. den slowly, the carry the coffin to the van.. we followed him from the back till everyone boarded the bus..

while waiting for them to set off, i finally manage to share my tots wif some auntie that i dunno.. lols.. she was wondering who died la.. so yeah.. after tat, RUSHING TO WORK.. hahas..

The final goodbye is said.. i guess i've let go of everything.. will definitely remember him always.. will definitely miss him dearly.. Clifton Lam 1987 - 2008