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hahas.. im back! had 3 days 2 nights chalet at Costa Sand Resort Pasir Ris.

The first day, that idiotic Dion pangsey mii and Selena at White Sands... we r suppose to meet each other at 3pm.. Call him like hell never pick.. we wasted 1 hr there.. and at last, he called mii back at 7pm.. i was super pissed wif him.. den reach at the chalet at 4pm.. hahas.. only sean and kc is inside.. hahas.. kc waas sleeping wen i reach there.. here is how he looks..

we den watch movie from KC's laptop.. hahas.. slowly, other ppl come.. den we went for dinner at BK.. hahas.. go pasir park to play playground after tat went arcade.. there, i saw some poster tat seems very familiar.. hahas.. the dance group consist of aizad, hamizan and etc.. he it is..

then... halfway during the arcade period, i went to my class chalet.. hahas.. it was nice to see all of them there.. selina accompanied mii.. i bought them some cake.. hope they like it ar.. hahas.. after sitting there and talk and eat their corn.. hahas... mii and selina head back coz she need to go back home... back at Komez chalet, we played games.. one of it is the drinking game where if u failed the mission, u have to drink.. since there's malay, they didnt drink alcohol.. we end up drinking tap water.. but seriously, it was puking.. wen u drink too much.. i had 5 full cups.. i wasnt the worst though.. hahas..

den we play Polar Bear till 7.40 am.. it was a long game.. hahas.. but we had fun!!! hahas.. i really love the game.. i den went to bath while the rest went for breakfast.. after that, i sleep till 11am.. i was sleeping on the first floor together wif bao.. hahas.. the way he sleeps is so cute..

then, i was woken up by ronald who wanted to go swimming together wif the rest.. i taupok DION!! my revenge.. hahas..

after swimming, we went for lunch at Kopitiam.. hahas.. not bad ar.. we talked talked and talked! so fun! after tat raining, so had no choice but to kill time at arcade again.. hahas.. halfway thru, i went to collect our bbq food.. i confidently tot 2 person is enuf.. so mii and din went to the carpark to collect the food.. den it was too heavy that i had to call YC.. hahas.. so guilty for disrupting his sleep.. hahas.. after tat, i went to help YC who is still learning how to blade.. basically, i have to blade together wif him.. he was using sean's blade tat do not have any breaks at the back.. hahas.. imagine, he cant blade well den having problem stopping.. so he always almost fall.. i think the most painful fall he had was wen he was trying to reach my hands but couldnt.. he then fell BOM on the floor.. hahas.. really pain sia... hahas.. he glide in between both my legs.. i cud have fall too! hahas..

fire was set up at 6pm.. the charcoal sux.. give lots of harmful smoke.. hahas.. and it was so BIG la.. so we had a hard time wif the charcoal.. but yeah.. things was fine! the food is nice.. it's still okay.. i love the satay and stingray.. hahas.. the chicken is nice too la.. but the seasoning, cant really taste.. YC volunteered to cook! since i helped him in blading.. hahas..

halfway thru, we had a KOMEZ talk.. all bout komez.. new cheer, settle the t-shirt design and identity.. wah.. so rowdy.. at tat point of time, i just felt tat i cant be bothered to talk.. hahas.. den, after eating Tat's satay (he bbq it only), we all clear up and play polar bear AGAIN!!! hahas.. this time round, i spot the POLAR BEAR EASILY.. i love the part where im the HUNTER together wif KC... hahas.. i damn TAIKO.. hehes.. i was laughing badly at tat point of time.. hehes.. and the last game was sooo irritating... YC is damn good la.. hahas.. Bao also! i think he very good in this game.. hahas.. but yar! thanks to him la! he's the hunter and he killed mii... im innocent! im a VILLAGER! hahas..

after tat, they went to play the drinking game(this time round wif alcohol)... so mii, din, emm and ella go to sleep.. hahas.. at tat point of time it was like 3.45am la.. hahas.. den was woken up 3 hours later by cedric.. i stoned all the way till they say, let's pack! hahas.. i had 6 HOURS of sleepp in TOTAL!

we took the shuttle bus and went to have breakfast wif ella and emm.. hahas.. we down there tok and tok till 12noon.. hahas.. 3 hours non stop sia.. hahas.. den go home! hahas..

so now.. i want to sleep.. den go fot Say Haow's bbq!!! hahas..