Absent Minded Mii

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haiz.. wat can i say?
ever since school started, there had been lots of things in my mind..
even at home, i can be soooo absent-minded...
few example of my absent-mindedness would be..
1) i pour warm water instead of HOT WATER to my CUP NOODLE..
2) i keep hitting my knee on the bed..
3) many more!

soo many things that i need to think of!
my class, my family, my work!!! ARGH!

i dunno wat to say about the class la..
im in such a dilemma.. im always caught in between lecturers and my classmates...
no matter how hard i try to stretch myself, im just one!
only those who are close to mii could see the burden in my shoulder..
maybe, im not a good class rep.. haiz...
am i being bullied?! damn it!

my family.. yes, we are in the RED right now..
and i really hope ppl could at least try to do their best for each other!
relying on mii doesnt help at all! im still studying!!! damn it!

work... haiz.. if only students are good listeners! haiz...

i met my old flame recently.. haiz. by accident...
and now i kept thinking abt him..
it's weird as i was sitting next to him..
he tried to tok to mii and i tried to be as cool as possible..
but my heart was beating fast.. maybe nervous..
i dunno.. he told mii that he recently broke up wif his gal and etc..
pls la.. dun tell mii this kind of things can?? u broke my heart enuf to be telling mii this kind of things.. so wat u expect mii to do? im happie wif my current baby now.. and tat's all i want..
maybe u shud learn to appreciate and love others more than urself..
keep ur ego aside pls.. there are some few things tat u juz cant get even if u try hard..
if u get wat i mean..

let's end this post on a brighter note!
and again, it's 2Cube who brought lots of laughter to mii..
we've been meeting each other for breakfast..
we've been chatting on mass convo almost every night..
dun keep the spirit down.. this is the only time i could chat wif u guys..
once im on major project and attachment, i'll be as good as MIA..

and another thing.. wee kiat..
wah.. tat guy damn funny..
i totally love to disturb him larh..
wherever i see him in skool im sure to POKE him..
yesterday, i saw him 3 times.. the first time i saw him, i DID POKE him..
the second time i saw him, i was slightly in the bad mood, so i give it a miss..
and the third time i saw him, i was in a pissed off mood, so yeah.. i let it go..
but there wld be no next time man.. hahas..

next big thing for mii.. hmmm
1) LT 10 dinner!
3) Human Wheel Barrow Challenge! (im a official! YEAH!)
4) Mathix Dinner
5) Up Your Service Workshop!

good luck to mii with this lots of things to do..
i need to buck up in my studies...