Pict Blogging!~

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lols.. im trying this for the first time and i had lots of fun doing this..
wat to do.. had 7 hrs break juz now.. im sure damn sian to this extent one!~ hahas

this started at 9am, RISK lecture..

this point onwards, all is taken in the library.. hahas..
while trying to study!~ Hari!~ try harder! lols!~

details on how i fall, feel free to sms mii..
it's the BIGGEST laughter ever.. LOLS

레노 - 남자는 사랑을 몰라..
okie.. this part.. hahas!~ random..
the 'he' shud noe this part very well!~

so long never write korean.. so i was playing ard.. (:

hahas! apart from this.. i had an interesting incidents to share!~ lols
it's scary to mii though... i was happily sms-ing while on my way back home today..
den suddenly, i realised tat some1 had been following mii from Eunos MRT station over there la!
obviously, i cant suspect tat person straight away.. so i decided to test it..

so i U-turn while acting to happily sms-ing..
[i was bugging wk on phone.. lols.. coz i'm scared!]
i went to sweet talk to buy bubble tea.. he's still there..
so i continue walking until im nearing police station there..
and he's still behind mii.. den no choice, i had to enter the police station liao..

the policemen asked mii what can he helped mii with..
so i told him i was stalked and the man is outside..
but by the time he went out to see, he wasnt there anymore..
i wun go in details bout wat they asked mii..
but to ensure my safety, they send mii home..

the moment i reached home, my mum was dumb-founded..
coz i was accompanied by 2 policemen.. LOLS
luckily my dad not at home.. if not, worst.. he would be asking lots of questions..
wat's funnie is... my mum actually tot i did bad things.. -_-''
mum, ur level of trust arh!~ LOLS.. but good thing she didnt say much.. lols

last thing.. hahas..
this semester would really be a big challenge to mii..
choosing topic 1 was a challenge that im testing myself..
being involved in a national level competition would be another challenge to mii..
no doubt, im nervous and scared.. competing with JCs and all..
but im ON for this CHALLENGE man..
it would be a good exposure to mii and it would be sth new for mii to learn..
no matter how tough it would be, i WILL TRY my BEST and do my BEST man..
huever my partner is, let's do this together man!~
wat bothers mii is... y must i face 2 challenges at the same time.. LOLS..
but nvmm.. JIA YOU! it's the experience tat MATTERS!~