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oh great.. i guess all this happens due to LACK of SLEEP? lols

before i actually tok about my shoulder.. let's mii share more about the Human Wheel Barrow Challenge.. hahas

yesh! it was a success! we manage to BREAK the world record and we also manage to CREATE new Singapore record! woohoo! hahas.. although I'm a official, im still proud that I'm part of breaking the record.. and i'm also proud to those who create the longest endurance wheel barrow record and of course the endurance wheel barrow record..

Largest Human Wheel Barrow!
hmm.. we are supposed to break the 1044 participants record and we broken it by having 1400++ participants wheel barrowing la!~ i guess great job were done in persuading frens to come and take part in this event.. hahas..

Endurance Wheel Barrow!
this is where each pair must be able to remain in the wheel barrow position as long as they could.. i was taking care of the biz grp and i think that team did well la.. their spirit were there.. he wanted to maintained till15mins and he did it.. hahas! great job! =D

after my own timing, i was supporting the cheerleading team! okie.. they were super high! even in tat position, he was able to cheer alog with their supporter! hahas!~ they aimed to be top 3.. and they got 2nd! great job! they were very determined and even after they dropped, their spirit were high and they went over to the winning team to congratulate them.. tat's a god sportmanship spirit! good job! =D

Longest Endurance Wheel Barrow!
the attempt is only for sportsman la.. hahas.. and panha and pheiyani is in it.. and personally think tat pheiyani had good spirit.. she endured the endurance part long enuf and still manage to have energy for this event ! good job! wah.. it was amazing to see all of them got up together! it was such a sight.. beautiful.. and our record touched 74 ppl! GREAT JOB! =D

only after all of these are done, den i can wheel barrowed! lols! i wheel barrowed with Hafiz, ELF member! hahas... it wasnt easy.. but i was laughing all the way larh! but it's really fun! hahas!

morning was SMU and evening was wheel barrow.. imagine i had a busy day tat day.. so i practically needed lots of energy and without mii realising it, i had 5 cans of red bull + 3 bottles of water and 1 can of mug.. wen i told my mum, i was scolded by my brother.. lols! okie.. i promise i wun drink sweet drinks for one whole month!~ LOLS..

with all the red bulls, no matter how tired i am, i cant sleep! i had sugar rush and i was practically damn high larh.. so i was chatting on msn all the way.. but while chatting.. i wasnt feeling very happie.. it's like sth happen larh and i juz got really sad and stressed up!

thanks to elijah, chee meng and wee kiat.. they like gave mii some advice and encouragement.. i was really stressed up over that matter and i really couldnt sleep thinking bout it.. and yeah.. i didnt sleep! i was awake till 1pm today.. 1.30 like tat i fall asleep infront of my computer and woke up at 4pm like tat.. den at 5pm i went for Netball game with my frens..

so i had 3 match altogether.. and at tat very last match, as i was trying to get the rebound, i slipped and fell.. and unluckily, wen i fell, one of my fren loses her balance and fall on my right shoulder! it was damn painful at first.. i dunno if i was crying larh!~ i think it's like mix with my sweat and all.. and i was sitting down enduring the pain for like 30 mins la.. right now, just to put my right arm up, i feel pain already sia.. maybe tmr i go and see doctor.. haiz..

i juz hope that it heal faster than wat i am imagining now.. it's like i got competition in July.. how to play if im injured.. wat's more, we lack of players.. heal faster heal faster!

Personal Notes
I made alot of frens during the wheel barrow event la.. i met ppl from Adventure Club and ELF.. ppl like andy, nigel, zi yang, faezah, su, nina, desiree, hafiz, zul and many more.. hahas.. they told mii to join AC la.. but sadly, im on my 3rd yr already and i dun think i can commit myself to any CCA right now.. i juz wanna graduate well now..

secondly.. to whom it may concern..
i dunno whether u r using mii or not la.. but if u are.. pls stop it..
coz i dun want to hurt myself or urself..
if u even consider mii as a fren, even juz merely a fren, i hope u can stop it..
i put so much trust in u.. and i dun wan to believe u r tat type of person..
i juz wan to have a good relationship wif u.. so please... be truthful to mii..

thirdly.. to whom it may concern 2..
the only way for u to get to noe mii better is by talking to mii..
making every effort to read my blog..
ask mii wat i like, my interest and so on..
if u r so laid back, how will things move on smoothly?
im putting in lots of effort, cant u see it? haiz..
i'll juz ignore u from now on..