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YO! im back! no la.. actually got spare time for blogging... eversince i created another blog for my brother, i feel like writing again! haha
i'll try to write as often as i can k! haha...
today skool - fun part---> toking lor!
bio, i juz hate practical la! so dun bug mii further!
SS, i totally forgot bout my book! i remembered looking for it! but atlast forgot still! den share wif si Hua! haa! thx!
maths, nothing much!
MT o level paper 3-LC... tough la sia! no joke haha... then went to eat wif my primary skool peeps! fun recalling the past times when i was bullied! haha! ya rite! haha!
den reach home watch save your last dance for mii on channel u! after fall asleep for 10 mins!
den do revision! den watch tV again for an hour! den do revision again...
feelings - ever since i had this weird dream, i cant stop thinking of it la!
parts of the dream is tat i actually date someone from my class.. someone tat i had never ever tot of so much before la! i mean, i only tok casually wif him and tat's all... and in tat dream, i actually date him! since then, my hearts thumps hard wherever i see him la! goodness! O LEVEL Hari! haha!
hope i dun really fall for him... coz i noe tat i have a very weak heart... i noe the guy wont like mii either la! we always quarrel[at times la]
hmmm... i wanna finish O level once and for all and yet im not prepared for it!
thinking of parting wif my dear teachers and friends... couldnt bare to...
i juz love them
i realise tat ever since i enter Telok Kurau Sec, i learn how to be more understanding and also learn to love each other... the sad part is, i easily get hurt... i tend to be too quiet on things...
i tend to keep things to myself... behind all the smiles, there's sadness! haha...
not anymore! hariyani wanna be someone hu shares HAPPINESS with everyone in the world!
haha! wanna see my faVourite photo? look UP! haha! this flower was sent to my house! although i dun like red roses, it's the tots tat counts rite?! haha!
i believe, if someone noe mii inside out, they would noe wat kind and colour of flower i like!
in fact, i do love cactus too! cActus has special meaning behind it - cactus was able to survive in hot weather[my love for him survive too! and last long! and will overcome any hardship tat will come!] haha! im the kind of person hu like special meanings behind something...
things like, if u gave mii a eraser wif a certain colour, meaning erasing the certain part of my memory! i find it cool.. tat's the same for the flower! haha! one rose and red colour symbolises i love you and wanna love u more... haha... really.. haha...