sniff sniff!

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haha! yesterday was Racial Harmony DAy and i was like doing my prefect duty.. ushering Mr Darajit Daud.. the funny thing is tat my bbaju and his baju colour matches! haha!

the more important part is.. Yu Neng Primary Show yesterday...

it was the show yesterday and we parted! i actually very sad.. we spent only 3 days together.. we got close toeach other too! it was really unforgettable and i learn alot of things...

the sound department consists of mii, wahyu, edwin, herman, haziq and varian[i dunno how to spell]...
they were all experience and they had alot of jokes! we share and we laugh alot! haha!

the cast, emelia, natasha, the tigress, hui pin, christopher, aleric, shelton and clarissa...
these cute kids actually became my frens in 3 days!
the teachers, i could only remember one teacehr name.. mr mohd abdul rauf.. y?
he's hot and nice to mii.. well.. haha! we had alot of FUN!

i wish the show was like longer coz i wanna to get to noe them more! haha! especially the teachers...
to abg herman, keep up rocking!
to varian... more jokes please.. and look at the table! i saw a letter there!
to haziq... continue ur blurness! haha!
to wahyu... see u soon la hor!
to edwin... stop FARTING on the COM SET! haha! jkjk!

wanna noe wat letter varian show mii? during one of the rehearsal, we had to do alot of marking.. then we had this used Gaffa tape.. he tore it into 4 parts and make a letter 'W' on my sound table... it stands for watever... we always disturb each other on tat part.. i call him buatan malaysia.. from the name, u know tat he is not a malay.. but his malay is so much better than mii.. he is malaysian with some american blood la.. haha... he teach mii the watever song too.. haha... watever ur mother works in Mcdonald for minimum wages... lol... =p
to the cast.. i hope we had more cheers and laughter together... i'll drop by wherever i can... keep in touch!
to the teachers.. hope we'll meet again and work together again! =p especially.. ahem! to mr mohd abdul rauf, god will bless u too! =p [semoga tuhan murahkan rezekimu! haha! - the exact sentence he told mii when i return his $10 tat he dropped! happen to saw! haha! my heart was beating hard and fast at tat moment! haha!]
here's some picts tat was taken there! haha!