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singapore actors - shouldnt be forgotten!

i actually got alot of things to write la! i develop a strong interests in watching Taiwanese and Korean dramas and movies.. certain casts tat act la! my idol? MINDAO!

i totally love 183 club! duh! haha! they can act and sing! Mingdao outshines coz he is multitalented la! haha! hehe... this is taiwanese area! i havent reach KOREAN yet! my fav actor is RAIN, LEE DONG GUN, Ji Sung, Kim Jae Won, Kim Rae Won, Ryu Si Won, Kwon Sang Woo, Bae Yong Jun last but not least, HYUN BIN! if u realise ar, all the actor here r very handsome! haha... if u ask mii who is my favourite actress, i cant list out many... coz i simply cant be bothered to remember their names! hah! well.. i got all their picts but no space la! haha! u might not even noe some of the actor there la! haha! wat else ar? haha! i need some time to edit my template also.. wanna change song.. chinese song mayb? haha! nothing much to say also.. cant remember any.. oh ya.. nvm.. love life are meant to be happie.. i was about to tok about a teacher... dun wan.. later i fell sad! haha! not really la! kk! see ya!