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im so stressed up!!! with all the stuff around mii!!! guess i can never live in peace!!! y life is very very stressful wherever it comes to exam??? early in the morning, had a fight wif some1 at home... in skool, seeing his face, the way he ignnore mii, it juz too painful for mii... everyday and night i wished and wished tat i should forget everythin bout u... but it gets worst than wat i expect!!! it's either i live without thinking of u or be together wif u!!! but being together is impossible!!! and tat's the fact and i had accept the fact... y wherever i wanna think bout u, i dun wan it and wherever i dun wan it, it came to mii over and over again??? i really dun wanna think bout u... i hate thinking bout u coz i've fallen deep in love wif u... and if this go on, it'll hurts alot... and i have to prevent all this... i have to! i have accepted the fact tat i dun like u anymore, i dun want to like u anymore and i dun wan to think bout it anymore... bout y is ur image, ur name, ur face keep on playin in my mind... i hate u so much tat i love u... i shouldnt had fall in luv wif u... god, i believe and have faith in u... please help mii pull thru alll this hardship and make mii stronger and better person... if all this had to happen for the sake of better future, i will take this way and go on... i noe u meant well in everythin u do... please make mii strong to go thru all this... amin...