22 May

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oh... today is juz another day wif interesting things happening? haha

SAS - i wear DAMN formal today.. i feel okie... but hmmm... so sorry... i didnt really prepare much for today's interview... and then... my group laugh alot.. i dunno y... mayb it is CHINCHAI or mayb it is juz NICHOLAS who love to laugh... haha! it's like... wherever chinchai makes some noise or reaction, nicholas would love... and bcoz HE laugh, everybody else also laugh... den wen our group isdamn quiet... we would like smile at each other... and chinchai says our group is cheerful.. haha! wen we r like trying to pass msg, we try NOT to make any noise... so we do SIGN language... and chinchai commented bout tat too... haha! it is juz TOO funny! haha... den.. we r supposed to have PRSP 2nd lecture at 3pm... den my group ends at 3pm on the dot but there's still another group... so we waited for them.. and we leave the class at 3.30pm and i was like scared to enter PRSP lecture... coz we are like 30mins late.. HOWEVER, we still went to the lecture room.. the moment WeiChoy opens the door, everyone started to leave... LESSON HAS ENDED! haha... we were like so HAPPY! but, some felt tat we shud like inform her tat we didnt go... but they we like hesitated to approach tat lecturer and suggested tat the CLASS REP shud go... haha... Jolene was like hesitating too.. so i immediately ran down and approach her... LUCKILY, she didnt get angry and do some advicing to us... i felt proud of the class for being honest...

Knowing tat i got rehearsal at Raffles City Atrium today, without wasting time, i head straight home to change coz i was wearing formal... den i slack on com for 30 mins... and rush to Raffles... okie.. i got lost... i HAD NO IDEA where the atrium is and i went around there 3 times juz to realise later on tat i turn around the atrium 3 times! haha... den meet Richard Tan at swarzoski[dunno the spelling] and went into Swissotel.. had lots of fun in the rehearsal room...

den! EAT! haha.. OMG! i've never ever had SUCH A FORMAL dinner before... it was interesting... FILLING! and cool! the food r in BUFFET style.. and the chef is one of our actor... den had this chit chat.. got this lady, she's the marketing manager of Estee Lauder... haha... had a nice chat wif her... she has this very strict and serious looks... but wen she tell jokes! woohoo! she's the best... and had this lady who had this ENGLISH accent... haha... she's nice and sweet too la... and of course there's Peggy, awesome and sweet lady... she's very nice to mii and the GOLDEN GIRLZ! the 2 lady whom i met years back... and i still love their voices wen they sing! haha... they were trained by BABES CONDE[the vocal trainer for SINGAPORE IDOL] since 6 years ago... and i think i can see tat BABES is good! haha... NOW! the interesting part, FOOD! haha... the main course is quite normal la... i wanna tok bout desserts! DURIANS! woot woot! nice nice.. they had this bubur Durian and COLD durian.. i LOVE the cold durian coz it tastes JUZ like the BEST durian freshly open! there's the bitter and sweet taste! haha... they had the chocolate fountain... so i had strawberries and mashmellows dipped onto the chocolate fountain... the choc is nice! haha... den ice cream! WOOLALA! my fav, COOKIES AND CREAM! haha.. i love the orea cheesecake, my all time fav! haha... there's others too but i didnt eat it.. u noe, the main course is already KILLING! haha... NOT FORGETTING the SUSHI! the salmon was like TENDER, JUICY & CHEWY! haha... nice nice.. and the wasabe was WOOT! killer! haha... now im damn bloated... i think i can not eat for 2 days... lol... after all these, had HOT TEA! haha.. i think im like destroying my throats! haha! i had PEPPERMINT tea... although i wanted CAMMOMILE tea but... hehe... it's okie la... and i was shock wen they serve tea WITHOUT SUGAR... one second later, i saw 2 tiny bottle... it was HONEY.. and the HONEY has 3 COLORS! haha... and there's no difference la... it's the same honey.. and yeah... i think Peppermint tea taste better without any sugar or honey... haha... & Rita is like SO SWEET and nice to offer mii home.. haha.. it was quite late already and she OFFERS! haha... i LOVE HER! she's really nice to mii... LOVE HER LOTS!

hmmm... so, i think im like gonna put funny quotes, quotes and words of the day again! haha... i hope u peeps like to read them lor.. haha

Quotes of the Day
Niccolo Machiavelli - "Whosoever desires constant success must change his conduct with the times."

James Brown - "You only live once."

Funny Quotes of the Day
Alanis Morissette - "We'll love you just the way you are if you're perfect."

Tommy Bolin - "The best money I made was panhandling."

Words of the Day
vitiate: to make faulty or imperfect

furtive: obtained or characterized by stealth; sly; secret; stealthy