Tragedy after Tradegy

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since I'm still recovering..
I'll onli post up Joongbo Caps 27 & 28 next week...

y tragedy after tragedy?
im not feeling that well..
one day before Hari Raya, I was sent to hospital due to gastric ulcer...
what happen? well, i dunno...
details will be told if u ask mii personally..
grossing to share here...

Tan Tock Seng Hospital..
Ward 11B.. tat's where u can find mii..
but now.. no use liao..
im discharged..

so i spend a week there till 6 Oct...
on Medical Leave till 29 Oct...
long rite?
wat's more sad is my Hari Raya tat im sooo looking forward for..
is gone just like that..

went thru therapy all along..
didnt get to eat for 5 days!
now on porridge and medication..
every day.. saded...
with bruises on my hand..

wun be able to run for about a month..
on medication for 6 weeks..
haiz.. wat had happened to me?
im becoming more and more like a weakling...

hope i got better very fast..
will be going polyclinic tmr..
for dressing.. haiz..
i want to be healthy as before again!!!

take care guys!