feel like blogging.

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hahas. there's nothing much for mii to update here.
had not been feeling well and i know well enuf why is it so.
emotionally tired. physically tired. mentally tired.

nowadays, i dun seem to be able to sleep.
everytime im alone, i kept thinking of him.
as i tot of him, there are smiles.. there are tears.
the time we spent together. it's really regretful.
being the one saying the last words, it makes mii wonder alot.
did i do the right thing. or did i made a mistake?
should i had waited or should i had given him more chance?
but at this point of time, i just felt that the result will still be the same.
i can't trust him anymore. i can't be confortable wif him anymore.

at the same time, haiz.. let's juz keep this silent..
i'm just not sure. i'm just dunno. i'm just clueless.

heard of Lee Seung Gi's song - Let's Break Up?
although I like the 'lie lie lie lie lie' part.
there's this part of the lyrics that makes mii cry..

"Let's break up..Let's not meet again..Even if sometimes we are sad..We can only smile at the memories..I've always lived for you..I know you better than anyone else..Now I'll have to send you off for your own happiness..Forgetting the love we have shared..Let's live like that.."