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i dunno how cruel love can be... it makes me jealous, sad, crazy and more... wen i like someone, i tend rto find out bout the guy more... the deeper the info, the more jealous i am... love make me cruel... y??? love r suppose to be beautiful... not hurtful... each day i find out bout tat guy, i see a gal name and rumours lingering in my head... izit true tat diz like diz gal?? really anot??? diz kind of question kept on playing mii... it really hurts mii... almost everyday, diz matter brought mii to tears... sometime i do feel tat i shouldn't fall in love as it will keep it waway from diz kind of hurtness... but i still continue falling in love...y??? so tat i'll be hurt everyday??? does love really a cruel thing?? y such thing??? izitnt suppose to be a happy moment??? can i get out of diz kind of feelings??? it drives mii crazy and i'll be crazy sooner or later... love r not suppose to be cruel... tat's wat im trying to believe as love is really beautiful...