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i've been missing in the lost world for the past few days... i suddenly realise alot of things... i've been dreaming alot of things in these few days and it taught me alot of things that ppl may get in 1 yr more or less... i dream of some1 who lost her fateher in the age of 3... seeing her cry makes mii cry... i dream of meeting this old woman whose age is 66... she fall and lay unconscious for few days... all her children are in other country looking for money.... and guess who help her, a monkey... all these incident makes mii realise how im leading my life... i take things for granted... all i care is myself and not others... im sorry if i hurt anyone out there... im truly sorry... god had given another life and wish to lead it well this time.. and now, my main objectives of living is to spread love all around me... and ppl out there, pls help mii...