19 sept

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today there is a TBC gathering at sentosa.. at first, i had to meet say haow.. so i told them i cant make it.. den say haow cancelled it at the very last minute.. so in the end, i sit at home and slack lor.. so sad.. i realli wanted to meet them again!

it took mii some time to come here and update my blog... okie... so here it is.. i wanna share my camp experience...

INTSC Team Bonding Camp 07/08 was a huge success! thx to everyone who came!
my group is called Bumble Bee! the theme of the camp is transformers so that's why mine was the yellow Bumble Bee! hahas! other groups are called Star Scream, WitWicky, Blackout and lastly iron Hide.. i really love this kind of camp coz the ppl who came are all the rara ppl... it consist of all different courses in IT and also includes the juniors and seniors.. and of course, us freshies! haha!

details about my group! my group consists of 14 ppl... equal number of male and females... they are...
Females - Hariyani, Joanne, Sharmayne, Joyce, Fiora, Selena and BaoLin
Males - MingShen, WeeYou, WeiHao, CK, JX, Danny and Kenneth
our beloved facilitators would be the cute dawn and veggie ivan! hahas

First day of the camp!
as usual, the first thing when u go for camp r registeration/administration... hahas... i waited for jolene before entering the LT4... waited for her to do the registration den i realise im in the same team as joanne... i noe joanne is from the same year and course and mii and she's in C186 but i've never realli tok to her.. thx to the camp, i knew her more... hahas! i wish for a FBI camp nnow! lols... den as we entered LT4, transformer movie was being shown on the projector... i've watch it liao, but to watch it again, looks super cool! hahas!
den as the administration is almost settled, the main comm team entered and we sit according to our empire... den simple introduction from there and we are lead to the IT concourse for ice breaking games... den one of my favourite part comes, that is the cheer part and also flag drawing... i suggested my bounce cheer, which i had always wish for... and for the first time in my entire life, i had volunteered to do the flag... sharmayne is a pro sketcher.. so she sketch everything... she only likes to sketch... and i can see that.. haha.. she sketch out the bumble bee robot, the bee and the car.. the robot is really nice... and i love to do the colouring... and i do the wording too.. u noe la, i love to scribble names here and there so i was like using the design to do so... and im proud of it la.. coz, it's realli original.. ming shen praise mii that im a good colourer.. haha... im pleased with that... i mean seriously, if u use oil crayons, u shud really color and press hard... haha... i love the flag as a whole.. midway doing, mingshen came and help out... he's nice... and i had backache will doing the colouring... seriously, the 3 of us are realli proud of the flag... and we were first! our flag was the best flag! the moment they announce it, the 3 of us couldnt help it but to scream out loud! happiness... we high 5 each other... i was even thinking of hugging la.. but too happie for wad? hahas... den the cheer... since i was doing the flag, i didnt manage to noe most part of the cheer... so for the cheering competition, i dun really manage to use out my voice.. but we are not bad! hahas! one thing i realise bout bumble bee, we rarely wan to cheer out loud and compete with other empire but we are super united... wen we are doing games and all, we can realli outshine out team bonding... tat's wat makes bumble bee super special to mii.. hahas....
at the beginning, got to say not much group is cheering.. but blackout is the first team to make the most noise.. thx to chang yong and ah boon! hahas! after the cheering and flag making, it was the prince and princess competition... the twist to it is that, the guy will be the princess and the gal will be the prince.. the ppl that represent my group was joanne and mingshen... haha! soo funny... our theme were chinese and got to say the vid was kind of disgusting and awkward but my teammates juz rox... they make mii crack like hell... and of course, cant forget the crazy woman - jolene... she did the girly man video... hahas!

Princes and Princesses
for starscream(jolene) perf link - http://youtube.com/watch?v=zlLqbFtJ4o0
for bumble bee(my group) perf link - http://youtube.com/watch?v=0Xfu9fGnOFA
for blackout(ah boon) perf link - http://youtube.com/watch?v=ScF-0OCtVjc
for iron hide perf link - http://youtube.com/watch?v=ghoqAwNYFHE
missing of one team which is the witwicky one.. i cant find it.. but check the others yeah! haha!

after the prince and princess, we had dinner.. after that we had nightwalk...hahas.. nightwalk, not so fun.. i like the idea behind it.. but the thing is we are split into 3 per group.. i would prefer more in a group or the whole group go together... but it's okie la.. while waiting for others doing the nightwalk, we watch saw.. haha.. we ended quite late ar.. and i slept late too.. but it's camp afterall...
i love the supper... the supper was the best supper i ever had during a camp...

Second day of the camp!
early in the morning, i was showering alone.. the actual plan was to shower together wif sharmayne and joyce, but they say i was sleepinng so soundly and they do not wan to wake mii up.. my story is tat, i woke up earlier but i wen i see them still sleeping, i tot of sleeping some more.. but i ennd up overslept.. i was sad la... actually panic.. buut it's okie...
den.. it was raining in the morning! i was so happie.. coz, the morning PT wun be so tough like running la.. haha.. we end up doing the most easy PT i ever had in my entire life.. which is the "Spare me my life" exercise... check out the vid.. it's funny, stupid and lame but it's fun!
link - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9M5ddlZOYg
what next after PT? it's the breakfast! breakfast was at the sports complex... while queueing for the food i saw, sebastian(my classmate!).. haha.. i think he was on his way to his dragon boat training... while eating, lots of us was actually looking at the dragon boat ppl.. haha.. especially the gals.. i love muscular guys... hahas... if only... lols... den we slack - play games... the interesting part of the games is... actually, they are all old games but the fun part is the smacking part... regardless of gender, we have to smack the person who make mistakes in the games... mr ivan is the person who makes the game super fun.. wanna noe why? coz he smack super hard... he loves to smack fiora.. and seriously, smack her coz by the end of the 3 days camp, there way internal bleeding mark on both her thigh... the first day was her left thigh, second day was her head.. actually a ball accidentally hit her head.. den on the last day, after breakfast also, we had the same game...and she was smack on the right side... morale of the camp, do not sit beside ivan wen playing games... hahas... after that, we went back to the IT concourse and do the TP mass dance.. not only that, we also get the chance to learn the IT mass dance.. got to say, i still havent catch up with the IT mass dance... but as time flies, i will learn some more.. it was fun la... seriously, i always sweat wen i do the mass dance.. hahas.. this is more tiring than the morning PT man.. hahas... after the mass dance, mii and the rest slack outside LT 4 of level 4.. we were actually discussing bout our performance nite.. haha.. got to say, we were all super excited.. especially the gals.. some of the gals did not sleep and start thinking of the performance nite plot.. and we were told, in order to win, u must insert LOTS of PORN! hahas! funny.. but our theme is Transformer.. so must add the transformer element in...

we had a lil free time in between and we played some games.. together wif the FAs, we split ourselves into groups of 8.. and we played some games.. i den realise that by splittin the team into 2, the games was more fun... tat was the most fun moment i had while playing games.. the games are normal games.. seriously.. it was the tititititiu game, the hand game and all.. it's really nnormal games.. or mayb becoz im in the mroe fun group..? my group consists of mii, mingshen, ivan, jx, ck, fiora, sharmayne and joyce... at first, it was quite boring till the point we suggested that we should sit alternate guys n gals.. haha.. i end up sitting in between jx and mingshen... mingshen was SUPER funny @ one part till the point i couldnt concentrate on the game and keep on laughing.. ivan was like saying to mii "wei wei! she was laughing all the way and keep making mistake, y u all never smacks her! hahas!" hahas.. mingshen and jx is nice coz they didnt smack mii that much! hahas!

den we had mini directors cup.. at first we had to play all - which is the captain ball, basketball and street soccer.. i was involved in the captain ball match and so i didnt wan to play street soccer... den for basketball, i juz play simple simple at the second court.. hahas... den wen we are deciding on wat games u wan to represent, i went to choose captain ball... wee were complete at that time till the point where fiora suddenly comes into the team.. den wen i think again, mayb i shud let her play la, afterall, got lots of guys, that would make it easy for her... so i decided to back out.. den i had no choice but to choose between street soccer annd basketball... den wen i tot of street soccer, i was kind of sian of it liao... so i took basketball.. so my basketball team was made of mii, joanne, weeyou and kenneth.. we had 4 match... 2 win 2 lose... hahas... weeyou was so cool wen he play basketball.. seriously.. he super pro man.. kenneth is not bad also.. thx to them for all the shots man.. hahas... got to say that the other team actually gave way to my team coz got 2 gals.. hahas.. im glad la.. but i feel sorriie also.. on one of the match, we only had 1 minute left.. den we decide to like bounce and bounce the ball till the whistle blown.. at the same moment, our score was the same.. but i dunno wat happen den suddenly weeyou passed the ball to mii.. i panic for a moment.. annd then i juz anyhow go shoot! haha! i score! i was super happie la! especially wen yuan long says, nice shot! haha! super happie! hhas! super tyco!

okie.. den before dinner and performance.. we had the water games station.. got to say, it's very fun.. first station it was yuanlong station(minesweeper)... i kena wet! the best part of this station is... we threw the whole bucket of water to yuan long.. together wif his phone in his pocket... haha.. den it was the musical chair station(nicholas).. hahas.. the twist of it is that winner gets wet instead of the loser.. and i was one of the loser and the first gal to join the loser... hahas.. den also fun part of this station is that.. we play wif flour.. i was running away from nicholas but then my slippers slip and in the end kena flour! thx nicholas.. thx alot! hahas! but it was fun! but got to say nicholas kena flour badly! haha! den i think the next station was the maryam station.. i get real dirty there! by all the soap water, flour and water.. hahas! it was fun coz we created a cheer for maryam... hahas.. and maryam love us lots! our second last station was the polo sweet station.. a bit gross actually but it was alright overall.. i became abit hyper lei.. coz after mingshen(thee last guy) manages to get the sweet, i ran on the grass following him doing the last task and cheer for him ! hahas... den we manage to do the last station which is nana station which is at the amphitheatre.. it was disgusting - abit... coz of the part where we have to gt the ping pong ball which in inside a pool of flour.. the taste of flour is super funny la.. hahas!

den it was the last dinner.. the last dinner was great.. and then we quickyly rehearse for the performance nite!

the story of our performance nite... the first scene was mama(weihao) & papa(jx) meet... how? mama was attacked and papa saved him... wen mama was attacked he sang and dance to "save me my life"! and then mama propose to papa... the funny part of it wen they do sex... doggy style... the effect was really exaggerated! hahas! the funnier part is behind the scene... wen the scene was going on, all of us were busy laughing like hell until we drop to the floor.. wen we rehearse also, jx confesses he had never watch porn before! hahas.. until weeyou had to show him how.. haha.. i pity weihao.. he was raped by 2 men! hahas... back to the scene... the next scene is the giving birth scene.. i was one of the baby... i came out from serena tummy! hahas.. weihao give birth to fiora.. and joanne give birth to rubbish! and ming shen... after giving birth, he and fiora meet each other and started singing.. bcoz the r still babies and their singing sux, they were abandoned by their parents... the next scene was the disco scene.. hahas.. this is where im in also.. i was the dj... basically, those ppl who were dancing are all half robots and half human, so their movement are like robots la... den while dancing, fiora annd mingshen fall in love at first sight... and as they were romancing with each other, the bad guy (weeyou) came and took the box from fiora(if u had watch transformer u noe wat the box is)... fiora lost her consciousness.. hahas.. an there's a twist with the ending of the performance... in snow white, the prince charming would kiss snow white and she wakes up.. but in this case, mingshen took 2 BALLOONS! and smack her face! it was so funny.. the maincomm realli likes the part... hahas.. im glad! really glad... we ended the performance with our cute cute cheer.. hahas! the gal will have to act cute(which i think i seriously cant) and the guys will have to act sexy by lifting their shorts! hahas! it was really FUN!

after performance night, we had supper.. and then wash up and sleep.. i was really tired ah tat day.. hahas!!

third day/final day of the camp!
our PT was at the sports complex.. that's wen i had a huge discovery! i didnt noe that ming shen was born in 1987.. mayb bcoz he had the baby looks.. i tot the most he culd be is year 2! hahas! after PT, breakfast! the breakfast on that day was almost the same as the supper food.. but i hack care la.. juz eat the sandwiches till im real full.. haha.. den play games again.. this time, i tink we had really used up our energy on the performance night coz wen we play games, our reaction was real slow.. wen ivan join in, i have to say, he really wakes mii up and makes mii join in.. the fun part was the seno takinokutakinoku nokiki game.. i was in between kenneth annd weeyou.. and i was smack badly by wee you... okie.. it's painful.. hahas... but not so bad like how ivan smack fiora..

after that, i think it was the station games again.. this time non wet.. the fun station i had was the burst balloon station and nana station.. mhahas... oh ya forget to say.. wherever we had to split the team into 2, my teammates are mii, mingshen, weeyou, danny, ck, sharmayne and joyce... we realli rara! hahas!

after lunch was final clash.. i have no comment in this game.. i dunno why.. i had never like this game before.. this is the second time i had this game and till now i had not fall in love with it.. haiz.. really no comments.. the game was quite long.. and i develop further hatred towards someone.. hahas.. the guy is not in my group.. it juz tat i dislike this guy since week 0 orientation.. den i tot, i dunno him well.. so dun care la.. but wen we were in the same camp in TBC, i actually develop firther hatred.. haha.. no1 knew who is it la.. i dun tink i make it obvious.. hahas..

den comes the part to announce prize ceremony! hahas
best night performance - BUMBLE BEE! (it's my group! it's my group!)
best creativity - witwicky(final clash winner)
best spirited - iron hide (i think they display it well during final clash)
best cooperative - blackout
best empire - star scream

INTSC love to ta pao(stoke up like tat) ppl.. and the funniest part was wen the 2 pussy (golden pussy-marcus and black pussy-shawn) bite ah boon inner thigh.. hahas! so funny!

after tat, we had lil meet up, fare well by writing on cards.. and all.. den i went back home lor.. i was freaking tired that i took cab home.. it is also becoz the next day was the starting of fasting month.. time flies isnt it?

i love the sunshine cheer! haha.. lemme share it here...

u r my SUNshine, my only SUNshine
u make mii happie, wen sun are great
u never know dear, how much i love you
please dun take my sunshine away


u r my BUM BUM BUMble bee
my only BUM BUM BUMble bee
u make mii HAP HAP HAPpie
u never know dear, how much i love you
please dun take my BUMBLE away!