9 sept

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since small i felt some sense of pity towards someone.. had respected him alot... despite that person taking my money, i kept quiet... but it had to end... it had tested my patience... in one week, i lost nearly 60 bucks... at first it was 10 buck... so i tot it was okie despite mii feeling kind of angry (coz tat person didnt tell mii tat he takes my money).. den yesterday, i realise i lost 40++ bucks... my temper had blasted and couldnt take it anymore... it's been years and character doesnt wanna change? fcuk it! i had decided not to ever trust tat person ever again... no matter wat will happen, i will never acknowledge tat i knew that person... i noe it might sounds absurd that it is juz 60 buck annd y make a big deal... but it wasnt the first time... and i dun wish to continue going thru this kind of incident ever again... so i had decided to put a stop to this... i was really pissed... i was able to control my emotion till the point where my mum starts making noise... hahas... but mums are still the best! she gave mii 50 buck then... hahas...

okie.. i wish to say this to someone i love.. hahas!
walking a thousand steps
walking a million steps
i am still walking in one spot
the reason why i cant leave here is because
i fear that you might come back once again

den... i wont be around for 3 days coz im going for the INTSC sub comm camp... actually, i have the samba camp also... but since intsc had approached mii first and i had agreed, i had to give up on my cca... hahas... im so sorrie to my dear cca mates, i am unable to join u guys in the camp! i hope to drop by to see u guys! must enjoy urself there okie! it's really sad! coz i realli like u guys! T^T

but im also looking forward for the INTSC sub comm camp coz there is where i belong! i love the pppl in IT skoool! hahas! IT OEI! hahas! now packing my stufff.. but gave up halfway coz there's so many things and i have littlle space in my bag! hahas! my toiletries took up 1/5 of the bag! haha

hmmmm.. wat else? i met my cousin earlier(the cousin whom i did not recognise while in secondary skool... and i had a tiff wif him in skool.. hahas! cant believe we are cousin!)

I GAIN WEIGHT! damn! hahas! but i wanna lose more during the fasting month? hahas! fasting month is next week! woohoo!(NOT)... hahas! coz at first can survive, but after 15 days, u can feel the pain of hunger man! hahas

and oh ya... im involve in terry fox run... need to report at 6.15 am at harbour front.. they say breakfast adn t-shirt will be provided... but SAD! i cant eat! coz it's the faasting month liao! hahas! I SHALL SEE THEM EAT THEN...

currently in love wif DBSK 'O' Sei Han Go!(japanese version) i even tried to memorise the song.. here is some of iit!

bokura wa ima motomereba dekiru
hold your hands hitotsu ni narou
yume wo kanaete mitasaretai you
what it just please yumee ko motte ikouyou!

and the second addictive song is GUILTY from G.O.D 7th album.. i love this certain part i will put translation also!

"Nal du saram modu saranghandanyo irom aandweyo
gurom nega jongmallo nappun jalmosul hangojyo
ije nukkyoyo mianheyo""

"if you both love me, that's bad
Then i've really done a bad thing
I'm really sorry."

hahas! tat's all for now!