29 aug

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i tot of sharing something here... somethinng that i felt quite nice but yet not so complicated... hahas..

the words of goodbye
the words of departure
i cant believe
any of those harsh words

in your life
this is your only love
so i knew
that it was me

saying you're here
saying you hate
how can i endure
those cruel words

because of so much
my heart hurts, because of so much
i cant seem to hide
my distorted face at all

(my favourite!)
each day, as i cry my throat to dryness
you carry your throat and call out
will i find you
can i even live

until i erase you from my eyes
if i can cry however much i want
hurting as much as loving
that's how i'll live with

the goodbye you gave me

HAHAS...this is taken somewhere...