20 aug

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today is the start of the study week... im so trying to discipline myself.. at this kind of time, i tend to be the most slacking person on earth... so all i had to do is to refrain myself from sitting at home... haha

is there anything interesting happening to my life? hmmm.. yes and no..
im actually quit surprise that something is changing within mii... i dunno how to describe it, but i tend to be more happie nowadays, easy going... but at times, i felt that my mood tends to change easily.. but im glad i didnt became super damn bad tempered.. i juz tend to feel sad or quiet easily.. i think alot nowadays...

and yeah.. living with a sis in law seems a lil interesting... my sis in law is super caring towards mii.. mayb bcoz, we are the only ladies in the house excluding my mum la... we tok so much easier to each other and more... but i have to say, she is not getting use to my house environment... although she had never said that before, i could sense it...i got psychic power... haha!

next... my fren tend to say im a great person... frankly, im happie but i dun think i live up to tat status yet.. y? i dunno... i guess im still a bad and naughty person afterall.. im someone who thinks on the own and tend to always believe that im always right.. this is the factor in mii that i dun seem to be able to change... i always think that i think for the best for every1.. but sometime i had to ask myself, have u ever tot that other decisions sometimes are better than urs.. i had to tell myself, u arent the perfect person in this world... the world doesnt revolve around mii and many more... sometime i felt that im self centred and really hated myself.. is this the real mii?

sometimes i felt that it's good to have ur own opinion, but sometimes i felt that im not accepting others... it's like im not being open enuf? i dunno.. it's really confusing.. it's like im contradicting myself.. who am i, really?

haha.. next... nowadays, i tend to think of going university... i'd always told myself i dun wan to go to university... i told myself, i will never be able to make it there... sseriously. it had never been once were i tot of myself entering the university.. but after ms regina yeo said soomething to mii, i cant tell wat she says but yeah, i felt that i shud at least gave myself a chance.. i dunno... i felt that, had i wanted to go to uni, i would had jolly well enter JC or MI.. but no.. i make a clear line and told myself to go poly.. uni uni uni uni uni... even say haow syas that i could go to uni... but i still strongly feel that i dun have wat it takes..

hmmm... wat else? nothing much ba.. i had share my tots... (and it is bcoz, i think too much!) haha... i juz hope for a better and happier day! haha yeah! GOOD LUCK to mii for my OWN examinations.. JIA YOU! and work hard... and this applies to those who read my blog too.. jia you k! AJA AJA! HWAITING! =)