heart vs brain

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if u love some1, the person stays in ur heart as long as u love them... but once u had some1 else take the place, the person stays in ur mind... no matter how hard i try, i'll never be able to forget the 1 tat i love... till now... i can still remember all the ppl tat i had fallen for... liek now, i am in love but 1 sided... i dunno, everytime i love some1, it has a different story all the way... now, i love some1, i hope im able to love him forever... whether the relationship happen between us, tat is not a factor... all i noe, i love him so much and will always continue loving him... it not wrong... as long as i didnt do anything wrong, then it's fine... we need not be together... i'll love u always... i noe i wanted to give u up, but my love for u had not gone anywhere... pheiyani, u r right... im not 100% ready yet... all i noe is tat im mentally prepare... in any case, i think tat im doing the right thing... giving up a person is not as easy as u may think... i've tried my best and i noe there's a reason behind everythin i do.. i may be dumb, but at least i noe im doing something rite... im sacrificing something for the sake of some1 happiness.. im sincere bout tat... my fren said he unable to forget the 1 he love... do u think i can??? really hope im tat strong....