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WALAU!!! exxam is juz around the corner and im like slacking all the way... i supopse to be studying now also!!!!!!! WALAU!!! ihave this strong feeling tat im gonna fail my exam... especially maths!!! dammit... i really and totally slacking in my mathematics... how i wish mr ong is around to support... afterall, all i need is myself in everything... i sahll not depends on others... must be independent... i guess i have to leave everything to fate... i shall work harrd, pray to god and believe in him... afterall, i believe he decide everything... i also believe tat everything tat happen had it's own reason behind it.. one more thing is... i really had a very terrible day.. wat a family problem i had in the corner of my exam and alot of things also!!! ireally hate it... but i guess this is a challenge for mii to overcome all this no matter wat... haiz... god... please support mii...