very stress!!!

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suddenly i feel tat i forgot all my maths stuff and techniques... i cant remember a thing in my e maths chapter 6... azif i didnt learn tat chapter... as i trying to recall my lesson, i cant remember a thing and feel like crying... walau... other thing like love story and other r bothering mii too... i dun understand my situation at all... im thinking tat wat am i doing wif my life... i dun want to regret on later days, in the future... i dun want and never want to... y must life is always full of sorrow...?? wen im in a queit day. i start thinking, is watever im going thru is good for mii in the future??? i dun mind suffering now as long as a have a happie future... but my frens word is running wild in my mind... am i really too young for all this??? am i??? really??? i dunno... i'm confused... am i rite to say im running away from the truth??? i really dunno...