29 sept

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hmmm.. i'll be writing 2 post.. one is the update of my life - which i'll write briefly.. and another would be the my thoughts and feelings on a drama that i had finish last nite..

27 sept is kind of crazy.. i had 2 gathering at the same day.. it was the INTSC Bumble Bee gathering and the other is my own class chalet.. i was thinking, since my class chalet is like 3 days, i shud attend bumble bee gathering first den proceed to the chalet.. and that's wat i did.. i went to meet up wif my bumbees at plaza singapura at 2pm... unfortunately, hahas, the FAs and main comm(Marcus, Darren, Shawn, Coburn) who claimed that they cant wait for us if we are late, end up comig 30 mins late.. hahas... but okie la.. we went to watch a movie called The Nannies Diary which is a bit lame but quite nice.. it has an interesting storyline.. i love the starting on how they started the movie and also how they ennd the movie too.. hahas.. and one thing for sure, it's funny.. hahas.. after that we went to play the arcade, coz we are eating time while waiting for veggie to come.. as veggie(ivan) is a vegetarian, so we had to be creful in wat restaurant to eat.. however, he end up not eating wif us so as we wun have much problem in looking a place to eat.. arent he considerate.. and before i continue juz a reminder, im fasting, so i didnt eat wif them.. the moment my bumbees entered the restaurant to eat, i left.. and i really left in the hope of joining my class chalet.. but somehow, i felt half hearted to go.. i called jasmine and tok to her(that was one few rare moments where i would actually called someone wen im on the train).. after that, i still couldnt make a decision.. and dcided to call say haow for advice.. but GUESS wat.. he didnt pick up my call.. i was so sad coz i felt that i was at my wit ends and couldnt make a single decision.. and sth happen that make mii felt that i shud give a miss on that day and go on the next day... which is.. is started rainng heavily at kallang.. hahas.. so i end up at HOME.. after reaching my void deck, i went to take letters in my letter box.. dunno wat happen, the next second, i realise that im on the floor lying wet on my back.. i fell down.. hahas.. it was slightly embarassing but wat really matters is that i SPRAINED my ankle.. so i make my way home limping.. hahas.. after breaking fast, i started watching a drama called my lucky star and manage to cover 5 episodes for the night...

as early as 6am, i start my drama againn.. hahas.. knowing that i wan to finish the drama by that very day, which also mean i have to finish 15 epi = 15 hrs.. y i wan to finish it on the very day? coz i sprained my ankle and was like abit hopeless.. so might as well watch the drama till end.. somemore, the drama is like so nice.. hahas.. my mum says, no going out for u.. whicn also mean ic ant attend my class chalet in the end.. i ws kind of sad.. but yeah, i felt i had no choice also.. i wasnt walking smoothly.. den in the evening, i was helping my bro in buying food.. in fact, it is the other way round.. i was limping, so he says he would help mii buy but he dunno wher to shop.. so i accompny him lor.. on the way home, i was hit by a van.. while crossing the road, i stand behind a van that park at the roadside.. how am i supposed to know that the van is reversing, there's no warning lights or anything.. i was like 1 cm away from the van la.. so the van bang mii.. wif my limping legs, i couldnt avoid much but to fall AGAIN.. i had few scratches and some SHOCK.. for a moment i tot i would end up in some HOSPITAL.. hahas.. den proceed home again.. damn that van, the driver probably didnt even realise that it had hit mii man.. PISSED.. hahas..

so that's all for post.. next will be my review on 'The Lucky Star'