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WIKI description..
Like the boy who cried wolf, Xia Zhi Xing had lied one too many times. So when she did tell the truth, nobody believed her except for the most unlikely person, Zhong Tian Qi, a runaway young master of a jewelry empire. His belief in her inspired her to become a real jewelry designer instead of a lying, scheming jewelry con artist. In the process, she taught him the real value of jewels that he is destined to inherit.

My Description
Xia Zhi Xing is played by Yoo Ha Na(a korean) together wif Zhong Tian Qi played Jimmy Lin. Xia Zhi Xing had great ability in lying. She always tell lies to the point nobody can believes her. But deep inside, Ah Xing is a nice, passionate in love and soft person. She went to jail to cover up for her bf at that time(played by YuRong of 183 club).. she was sentenced for 2 yrs of jail but thankx to her great ability in lying, she escape 1 year faster.. as a passionate lover, the moment she exit the jail, she went to buy something nice and expensive for her bf without knowing that he had married someone and getting a child soon.. but at that time, she met Tian Qi for the third time. The first incident was when Tian Qi stopped her and she got caught by police(1 yr ago) and the second time was at the toilet on the same day she was release from jail.. Tian Qi was running away after taking something precious from E Shine Company and bump onto Ah Xing.. Ah Xing misunderstood him and tot he was a theft.. both of them were handcuffed together but manage to escape.. stuck together wif the handcuff, they went thru a 'ice breaking' session.. Ah Xing was looking for her bf juz to realise that he was married right after she went to jail and expecting a child soon.. ah xing then approach her bf house to see her bf and his pregnant wife.. while confronting her bf, his wife gets the call of giving birth and TQ offers to drive them to the hospital.. despite knowin that the pregnant lady had stolen her bf away, she gladly donated her blood to her during delivery.. and once the delivery was over, she confronted her bf again and end up changing her story.. instead of asking why he left her, she said that she came to meet him to introduce her new bf which is TQ(obvious it fake).. seeing how nice Ah Xing is, TQ choose to play along.. after that, TQ scolded Ah Xing for beiing stupid and she told him that she grew up without parent, and she cant bear to see the baby live without her parents either...

series of events happen wen TQ came to her hometown causing the relationship to get better.. both of them are falling for each other but TQ was in a state of denial bcoz she her ex gf got engage to his elder brother.. and still love his ex gf name Ou Ya Rou.. Ou Ya Rou love TQ but she getting engage to TQ's brother(Tian Jun played by Leon Jay Williams) due to wealth.. OYR make use of TQ feelings alot of time causing to change his heart and accept ah xing.. they went thru lots of sweet incidents and also sad incident.. ah xing only knew that TQ is the second young master to E Shine after some time of dating.. and the next day, the newspaper publishes that they are having an affair.. TQ's father, who had strong principles(lame rich asses principles) and had never been on good term wif TQ, opposes their relationship.. do his best to separate both of the to the point where TQ declare to severe all ties wif the Zhongs family.. TQ was pushed to the corner trying to make the best of their life.. he even end up working in the ocnstruction site and all.. there is an incident where he had to race in order to raise a hefty some of money.. causing him to badly injured hi right hand.. seeing how TQ had to suffer for her, and left wif no choice to save her ex bf baby, she left TQ for a some of money.. the baby(nini) needed a heart transplant.. ah xing ex bf tried to raisse the sum but end up getting caught in the jail.. TQ stand strong and claimed that ah xing wun betrayed his love.. but it changes wen TJ died while trying to patch the 2 of them.. THIS incident separates them for as long as 5 yrs.. TQ develops deep hatreds toward ah xing in those 5 yrs claiming that ah xing left his brother in the car till he died, betrayed his love for money and the caused of his bro and dad death.. wif his bro and dad death, he became an orphan.. and in those 5 yrs, he lives in hatred..

after that 5 yrs, another great plot came in... TQ half brother whom both of them didnt know of came in the picture.. Han Zhi Yi is a popular actor.. ah xing god daughter(nini) caused HZY and ah xing to meet.. and thx to this incident, TQ manages to meet ah xing again.. he causes her to went thru some revenge series of events due to his hatred towrds her.. but least did hee expect that it makes him waver more to her.. TQ changes in those 5 yrs.. from lively, passionate and mischievious guy to a cold and strict guy.. his attitude change too.. causing the both of them had LOTS of difficulty to clear all the misunderstanding tht had been hanging for 5 LONG YEARS! HZY falls for ah xing too.. no doubt, HZY and TQ has the same character.. always end up wif either deep hatred or passionate love.. would do anything for the women they love, would do anything to destroy the person they HATE.. and no doubt, they also fall for the same women.. but ah xing and TQ are destined lovers and not a single persn can separate them.. it took a very long time for the misunderstanding to be cleared..

this drama shows a time line of around 7 years.. TQ and ah xing met in a unfortunate way.. one year later, she was release from the jail.. den the 5 yrs of separation.. TQ show great style in this character.. from hairstyle to clothings.. he protrays it well.. and im falling for him.. i love his passionate character buut hate his stupid misunderstanding character and yet i cant blame him for being stupid.. hahas.. ah xing has the style of song hye gyo (the female lead of full house).. her style is exactly the same as the Korean drama full house.. she even looks like song hye gyo at times.. hahas..and it's nice.. TJ portrays the hardworking GM and loving brother who had always supported TQ.. he's also a forgiving and passionate lover.. OYR - i HATE her TO THE CORE! she's the chief of most evil in this drama and yet she survived till the last EPISODE! HZY the cool guy of this drama.. he was like the benefactor to ahxing and TQ.. he helped both of them patch up.. help TQ wen E Shine was in crisis and had kept his personal feeling such as he knew his father and fall for ah xing and yet cant get her and all.. he came in after TJ death.. he's like an angel in disguise! hahas..

u SHUD watch this drama.. after one litre of tears and stairways to heaven, the drama is rated to be one of the top dramas that makes mii sob terribly.. the first half of the episode is tears wrecking! and yeah.. others too.. but it shows great passion, commitment, love, comedy and all.. it was REALLY great! shud watch.. i give 2 thumbs up and 2 toes up! hahas.. okie okie.. i go watch HANA KIMI JAPAN last episode.. i wonder wat gonna happen.. hana kimi japan and taiwan is different.. coz. diff to explain.. japan version is nicer but i wish to have the taiwan characters.. i love wu zhun! they shud have a KOREAN version! hahas..

Great Quotes from My Lucky Star
TQ : The star I wanted is on YOU
TQ : HATRED - sometimes makes it easier to remember a person
TQ : True love can never be shattered
ZX : Staying on with the person who had betrayed me, there will only be one possibility for me - PAIN but by leaving that person, my life will have ten thousand possibilities.
ZX : True love can't be cleaved into parts because at the center of love is the heart. If the heart is cleaved into two, the person will die.