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hahas! so now is the update of my life! hahas..
2 weeks ago, i CUT my hair.. this time above shoulder line with layering.. which is layer like hell.. hahas.. during the first week, my hair was on natural spike.. but shud be fine.. and now, i can finally tie my hair.. time flies so fast! hahas.. this is how i look in short hair..

den! hmm.. in skool.. of course, assignments are crazy! so let's skip that part..
recently, i tried the Bistro walk in TP.. and i fall in love to eat there.. it just tat, the price is not very nice.. hahas.. slightly ex.. but the ambience, desert, food - all are fine.. so here a snap of mii eating there.. and i love their deserts! especially the ice cream.. so here is my fav brownie plus ice-cream!

last week, weekend, i went to Desaru.. to slack[at a wrong period].. hahas..
lots of interesting sights.. which i will probably spend most of this post on pictures..
so take a look!
my villa, my room number and my room key!

an interesting seat right outside my villa! and an interesting rubbish bin[or sime cylinder-shape bin]

the beach! hahas!

apart from the places there.. u noe, travelling can be quite tiring.. so this is wat happen in the car.. hahas.. i took pictures of toys.. [childhood deprive.. -_-''']

i took picture of my niece[Nur Farisha, Primary 1] with the disneyland hong kong shirt that we bought..

and that flip flap thingy! i want tat! hahas.. it's so cool and cute!

another interesting thing that happen.. i went to singapore post centre at Paya Lebar to pay my bills.. and this is wat i saw.. [P.S. i risk my life juz to take this!!!]

it's a racing car! well, electronic racing car.. hahas.. i was amazed by it la.. [first time seeing it] hahas.. i even see got one man ride on it.. was quite envious actually.. den i juz go pay my bills.. den because i pay like almost 500 for bills rite, i got a free voucher to ride it! hahas! it is really interesting and scary.. and wat's worst.. i dunno how to drive, i dun go arcade and play car racing.. so, I BUMP lots of time.. hahas.. it's really embarassing coz this have a tv to show how i move and so on.. haha..

hmmm.. during the first week of skool... [or is it 2nd week? im not so sure.. ] i went to accompany pheiyani to watch his brother[Johannes Judy] receive his Director List Certificate and Scholarship.. [so envious.. if only im tat smart!!!] hahas... so we took lots of picture!!

i love ice cream remember? there's this place that i ate with my bf, i dunno where, i forgot.. hehe... it's so nice.. hahas.. so here some snaps of it!

that is all for now.. i dunno wen i'll update again! =))