Dying of Happiness

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well.. it has been a crazy week.. haiz.. so many things to do.. hahas..
i was so sad that i did pretty bad for my DERV presentation..
It is one of the few times that I actually stunned during presentation till the point that i still cant recall wat i'd said.. haiz.. forget bout it..

COTS presentation.. well.. okie la.. not so bad.. one of the few presentation where i ACTUALLY trying to memorise the script, apart from CMSK.. hahas.. my CMSK, currently, it had gone up.. thanks to the presentation i guess.. i really hope that my brochure helps.. but to think bout it, my brochure, the design is okie, but the words is like tesselated.. the aligning is off.. haiz.. sound not okie liao rite? hahas..

okie.. sadness aside.. happy times k?
hahas! i'm uploading the picts i took after COTS presentation, which is yesterday..

this is before presentation...

after presentation...
Two lecture was with us, Ms Lian Boh Lin and Ms Marlina.. both lecturers are nice... =)

den some random pict that i took with valerie and huanyi during COTS lesson..

and some FRUIT! hahas.. it's a PEAR anyway.. BIG RITE?! hahas

hahas! our similar hp pouch!! the gold one is Jasmine Lim's, the silver is chuhui's and the black one is mine.. hahas.. kaixin keep on laughing at chuhui's one as she say look like cockcroah where mine looks like a bug.. hahas.. so cute!

I open up my letter box today! guess what i get? I FINALLY RECEIVE MY SS501 CDs! hahas.. so happy.. i got pictures of them.. the CD cover for "FIND" is cool too!!! here's a peek! =)

Cool rite? hahas.. black outside and white inside.. their picts is so cool too.. hahas.. im juz too happy! hehe.. finally!!! =))))) ^^^^^^^^^^^^

I'll stop here... ^^^^^^^