My Wish Had Came True

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Today was Teachers' Day.
Thanks Mr Chang for that friendly reminder.. u r still the best teacher although you dun seems like one.. met mr sulaiman finally.. hahas.. tok alot.. advises each other alot.. and yeah.. y am i still the one who need to organise a meeting again?! hahas.. pity mr su for his pathetic phone.. what happen to ur cool Palm Phone? lols.. i shall not rub it in.. hahas

meet lots of ppl.. glad tat syak said that my new hairstyle is nice.. hehe.. oh yeah.. cut short.. again! like mushroom... lols.. haha.. but it feels good.. since holiday, no one gonna see it except for those that meet up wif mii la..

my wish had came true? yeah.. after 2 years.. i finally met him..
i still remember how i wish to meet that special someone wherever i pass his house or pass his bus stop.. i finally met him today.. didnt expect him to come for the teachers' day celebration.. hahas. .the moment he came, i saw him liao.. i must have the sense.. the moment i saw him i was in awe.. hahas... just couldnt take my eyes off him.. he definitely look different.. and better.. and im glad.. after all that had happen to him.. im juz glad that he had survive all these ordeal.. i wish i could tok to him more.. but i juz stunned when he was right in front of him.. i juz cld say 'Hi!'...
im dumb isnt it? well.. it doesnt matter i guess..

well.. back to the celebration.. it was freaking WARM in skool.. seriously they shud invest more fans!! i sat outside.. the first teacher that i saw was MR CHANG! hahas.. he almost cudnt recognise mii! isit becoz of my short hair? lols.. den ms nadirah who was worst that mr chang.. even wen she was right in front of mii, she took some time to recognise mii.. hahas.. den met sobir, nazirul, arif and din!!! juz gotta like them.. they are as funny as ever.. and EUGENE, my brother, u r so TALL now.. taller than mii.. SNIFF SNIFF.. hahas..

met jokhie! hahas..weird hairstyle uncle! met the gals.. dumb xiu xuan, how can u not recognise mii! hahas.. den i tag along wif panha and look for mr su.. goodness mr su, u either need to grow taller or wear a clothes that wud camouflage with the PA wall.. hahas.. i noe u cant grow taller so wear darker clothes... and yeah, stop worrying bout ur member, ur ex CEOs [mii and panha] will help u out.. [since u FORCE ur member to ASK for OUR NUMBER!!!] hahas.. nice chatting wif him and get to noe the new CEO and team.. well.. of course they arent like us... we R THE BEST - said panha

the cake! goodness! it such a waaste.. i definite cant finish it in one year.. hahas. in the end, half of it was given the home next to our skool... and yeah.. meet nadiah and syarul.. NADIAH, wat is it in mii that never change? hahas! miss u darling.. hahas..

tat's all tat i went thru... all along i was tag by Amirah and Panha.. hahas.. when mr su remind mii of the times I'm the CEO of ICT... i juz cant help it but to recall those time.. i still remember how i fall sick badly from cleaning the CPA lab that had been left for dunno how long.. I still remember how i had difficult time quiting PA system.. how hard it was wen i was doing 40th anniversary wen at the same time, i was the stage manager of the show.. how we spent the nite there, how we learn how to use SW, how we blow off to each other, we laugh together, we chit chat together... after skool, the lab that I clean with the rest from SCRATCH would be my 2nd home.. sit there till the gates closes and even tat is not enuf... we still go for a drink outside till late nite.. hahas.. those were the fun times... and sad time.. and i agree.. wherever we break down, we grew stronger and better.. our breaking point was for the better.. I wish i were tat strong.. again..
it really makes mii laugh wen he remind us how DUMB we were at first.. we took pictures with camera that uses Disket as the memory.. hahas.. and we dumbly carry 2-3 boxes of disket juz for one event.. den we slowly invest more by going Sim Lim to but digital camera and video camera.. I really like the moment where we learn how to operate those stuff together.. we learn to experience and we learn it better... we do make mistake, but we learn from it..
and I'm super glad tat I'm part of those moments.. it makes mii experience more..

this makes mii miss mr zul!!! where r u? hahas.. we shall met up together k?! Bastian also.. hahas.. we didnt meet for more than 2 yrs.. we were so close to each other.. hahas... inseparable.. but wat had happen to us now?! lols.. marcus ong also! dun bullshit mii wif things tat u dun have gf... hahas.. i now wat u mean.. but.. hehe.. hope to meet u soon k?! stop playing games, learn guitar well and take care of ur health.. =p