Teachers' Day Celebration... part 2?

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hahas.. who would expect this.. i actually receive my first Teachers' Day gift.. from my tuition student of course.. i was so shocked.. it is so sweet of them.. although they were juz pri 6 and pri 4, they were thoughtful enuf.. and at point of time, i felt like repeating Mr Ong's words.. do not go to the extent of buying gift and it's a waste of money.. it's the tots tat counts.. hahas.. but at the same time, im super happie of course.. hehe.. it's a handbag.. ahhas.. will upload the picture if i had the time.. or if i still remember.. hahas..

i spent my sat and sun mostly on Facebook.. hahas.. i dumb dumb become a member there.. im so outdated rite? yeah.. i find it quite fun.. hahas.. been playing games there.. explore here and there.. i join becoz someone join.. haha.. a lil lame but im glad.. im still learning things there.. so ppl who got facebook, add mii and teach mii around yeah? hahs..

tmr is the start of fasting.. time flies so fast rite? yeah.. and as usual, every year, my house is surrounded by Hari Raya Bazaar.. hahas.. lots of it means lots of food.. lots of food means lots of spending.. hahas..

juz sharin some of my tots here.. if im not wrong, it was on tuesday, yeah, after my final BIS paper.. i went to parkway to meet hafizah.. on the way back, i saw this gal who inconsiderately put her big bag on the seat.. den someone wanted to sit there so she had NO CHOICE but to put her bag on her lap.. after doing so, i could see clearly on her face that's she is SUPER DUPER not happie and she starts like cursing or sth like.. i think she's from a smart skool.. in my mind, i tot, no matter how smart one is, if the have no sense of courtesy or consideration, i will consider them stupid.. like so dumb rite? u pay for one seat lei.. of course u can put ur bag there provided the bus is lightly filled.. but not wen it's super crowded till the point im squashed standing..

den got this Katong Girl Sch student.. she tapped the card, den got the beeping sound and i clearly knew she's the one who tap but card no money, and dumb dumb go join the crowd.. at the same time beside her got this another Katong Girls' student who saw her fren outside and shouted inside the bus.. HOW DUMB?! she was saying, "I call u and u didnt answer and blah blah.. " den she and her BIG BAG trying to squeeze out to the front door so tat her fren can enter? or so tat she cld get out..? im not sure.. but at that time, the bus driver already shut the door coz of the 1st gal [who tap the card wen her card got no money and join the crowd..] the 2nd gal[who shout inthe bus] shouted, "UNCLE! open the door!" hahas.. i didnt expect the driver to be a gangster-like.. he was like "What? What u want? LATER i open the door!" he said tat in chinese and in a pissed tone.. hahas.. den he look around and saw tat gal and tok tok tok bout her didnt pay fare den go behind and eat inside bus.. den she got no coins and asks the 2nd gal for money.. while the 2nd gal still busy bout her fren who havent gotten into the bus.. see?! HOW DUMB can they be? bcoz of ppl like them i was super delayed in the bus.. haiz.. wat an experience..

tat's all for now.. thinking bout the incident actually pisses mi off..
im gonna watch WGM ep 23 and Hot Shot.. haiz.. dumb dumb..