We Got Married - JoongBo 100th anniversary

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after weeks of waiting for this episode, shudnt I really celebrate it? hahas
the episode keep on postponing coz of Beijing Olympic.. so i'm gonna display snapshots of the couple...

Episode 22
The first thing that I shud celebrate is the first spark of jealousy from Hyun Joong... hahas.. so cute.. Hwang Bo was talking about a female model and he mistakenly tot tat it's a guy..

cute isn't it? hahas.. den proceed with the trying of clothes...

and here comes the second jealousy!!! jealousy means care and concern rite? hahas!

Then they proceed with the actual photoshoot.. which is split into the next episode.. i'll show the first concept of the photoshoot first.. the first concept is awkward couple - which is them.. hahas.. it shows a really nice portrait of a newlywed..

ollowed by a kissing portrait... hahas.. it was really tough for hwangbo as both of them are shy..

but it turned out beautiful.. =P

Episode 23
This episode is heavier with photos.. hahas.. it's really nice and cute.. well.. let the pictures do the talking.. so here it is.. they start off with individual photoshoot.. which looks cool..

Then, there was a part where Hwang Bo claimed that he treat the photoshoot as work.. He deny it firmly which makes him looks cute.. hahas..

then they had to go thru a tough jumping photoshoot.. hahas.. but Hyun Joong jumps really really well.. the concept is cute... i love the name cards [You Love Me...? & HwangBo & Kim - their surname] hahas

and here is the body-art propose.. it's where Hyun Joong need to jump & have an eye contact with the bride.. the second highlight is the lips to show that I Love You concept.. hahas.. really cute...

They then had a change of dress.. hahas.. HwangBo gown is really gorgeous.. and Hyun Joong looks cute in Spectacles.. hahas.. they sat on top of a bus..

The stare concept.. hahas.. so cute..

Hyun Joong was shocked when the photographer told him it's time for a kising portrait and this time, the groom would be the one kissing.. hahas.. obviously, HwangBo is happie but at the same time, she's shy..

This scene is really difficult for both of them and it took 4 tries to wrap it up.. hahas..

1st Try..

2nd Try..

3rd Try..

& it turn out beautiful!!! =)))

one of the best of moments of the interview.. Hyun Joong share his tot when taking the kissing scene.. and i really feel as if he had fallen for Hwang Bo.. that really explains his care & concern, jealousy and etc...

he claims tat he do not kiss someone when asked, thus it makes him wonder y he did it.. and he said...
was so happie from this point onwards.. satisfaction.. hehess...

they den proceed with another concept, happy!!! hahas.. they took pictures on a merry-go-round.. hahas.. it's really nice..

they had a break after this shoot.. hahas.. Hwang Bo was very tired that she end up falling asleep.. Hyun Joong was looking for her [usually it's the other way round] and saw her sleeping at the bed... the MC was commenting, at this kind of situation, a light touch on the forehead or a kiss would make it perfect.. hahas. but knowing Hyun Joong, everyone knew it wun happen.. but it's still funny how he wake her up... hahas.. here it is..

hahas.. they proceed to the garden and took pictures.. nice and cute too.. hahas..

and yeah.. her fren did came.. and she brought food..hahas.. she ask whether they do feed each other and HwangBo replied not to request him [Hyun Joong] to do complicated things.. hahas.. suprisingly, he was very optimistic.. and he did fed her...

and she fed him back... =P so sweet... hahas..

Going down the memory lane, Hwang Bo recalled that she used to play with leaves.. hahas.. u noe the game - he loves me, he loves me not.. hahas.. she did it in her own style which is
"Did Hyun Joongie regrets marrying me... Didnt Regret......."

and the result is... HE DIDN'T!!! hahas.. lil childish.. hahas

Hwang Bo was happie with the result however she felt that it's pure luck.. Hyun Joong wants to reassure her his feelings.. thus he picks another leaf and give it a try.. despite Hwang Bo strong objection, bcoz she's not very confident & slight worried, he still confidently plays the game.. his version was,
"I Love My Lady HwangBo. I Don't Love Her........"

and the result is... He LOVES her.. hahas.. this shud be considered as fate rite? and not pure luck.. hahas..

Night comes and it's another concept of photoshoot.. it's concept is freestyle.. hahas.. the bride and groom get to choose whatever dress they want to wear.. hahas.. since Hyun Joong didn't really like revealing clothes, Hwang Bo wanted to surprise her with her naked back dress which is really gorgeous too.. hahas.. but who knows, Hyun Joong surprise her more by wearing all the items that's related to Hwang Bo.. so sweet isnt it???!!!!

His was wearing the Hat that they both bought together in Japan, the green scarf is the one that HwangBo make for him for one month.. and lastly, the white vest that she makes for him spontaneously.. it's really sweet.. hahas.. his mischievous looks... heee

He share his tots again in the private interview...

thus he wore all tat.. hahas..

Last photoshoot.. hahas.. sweet and simple..

to wrap up this couple photoshoot.. it displays other photos that was shown earlier.. so here it is.. it's really beautiful and nice.. hahas.. can't stop loving this couple..

and some etc picts.. since i've uploaded it, might as well share it.. at the studio..
such a funny couple.. always brought laughter to mii and others...

Since yesterday, i keep on watching it.. i watch it from my Facebook.. and here's a snap of it.. hahas..

Personal Note:
Hyun Joong care and concern had really impressed mii in these 2 episode... Definitely can see him opening his heart and making his feelings more obvious.. and i think this is the right point for Hwang Bo to stop worrying bout the age gap and awkwardness.. I understand her concern that Hyun Joong is an idol but Hyun Joong had made it clear, it doesn't matter.. as long as true feelings are being display.. so unnie, dun hold urself back and FIGHTING!!!

Credits to JoongBoSkittles03 [Youtube] for subbing