We Got Married Ep 25 - JoongBo Couple Caps

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i was able to post my JoongBo couple caps earlier today..
since i got the time and source..

We got married variety show
had a Chuseok Special Program.
The program was split into 2 parts
out of the 3 hrs special.

The first part is where
they put in 3 new couple for Chuseok Special.
One of the couple might
be taken in as permanent couple

as it was informed by
Star Wedding Variety We Got Married Administrator

that the Andy-Solbi couple will be leaving.

This news was heartbreaking for
AnBi holics
this has make others realise that
the other couple will soon be leaving soon too.

I heard from some sources that
Alex-Shinae & Crown J-Seo In Yeong couple

would be next to leave.

And most probably,

Hwangbo - Hyun Joong couple would be the last to leave
and it would be around November.
This news had sadden lots of Joongbo holics like mii..

Some expressed regrets that

they would not be able to celebrate christmas together.

I hope they had some special program also
where they would call back all the previous couple.
Well.. I wish.. hahas..

Let's start off with the JoongBo couple caps.
This time round, I was able to get the video source.

So, credits to hellobello for the videos and subs.

This special episode determines
who is the strongest/best couple.
Lee Hwi Jae start off by saying that

the Joongbo couple is still awkward with each other.

well.. i dun think so.. hahas..

Hyun Joong expressed his determination to win.
hahas.. he's so competitive.. =)

Then, each couple is given a supporter.
They are also fan of each couple.

Our JoongBo couple had Kim Gu Ra.

I had always wanted to see how Kim Gu Ra looks like
cause I find his son very cute.

FYI, his son is Kim Dong Hyun,

the little kid in Star Golden Bell. hahas..

Kim Gu Ra came out wearing a mascot shirt.. hahas.. so cute...

If you were to recall,
wen hwangbo visits hyunjoong in Japan,
they had this mini date..
Hyun Joong wear winnie the pooh clothes..

remember? hahas..

tat's y he's wearing that clothes too.. hahas..

they start off the program by showing 3 cut scenes
and the couples and supporter
are to guess
why did the PD do so..

the first clip is related to joongbo couple...
it is the first episode of joongbo couple

where they had their honeymoon at jeju island...

it is a scene where hyun joong is washing his hair
& hwangbo was helping him out...

so y did the PD edit it out?
take a look at the PD ..

[he was label as WGM public enemy for editing scenes.. hahas]

as he explain that
"Hwangbo appeared as hyun joong's mom instead of wife"...
so tat's y he edit it out..

second cut scene is where
anbi and joongbo couple
gathered at crown J house
to watch soccer match..

it shows the first phone call

between hwangbo & hyunjoong..

then anbi couple join in...

follow by the arrival of hwangbo
they continue watching the soccer match...

the 3rd cut is not related to hyunjoong...
so i wun post up...

following it,
it is where they request a professional
to check their affinity together
based on birthday
and yeah!!! ^^
joongbo couple won first
with 92% compatibility... [2nd round]

i'll show their fortune here...
Hyun Joong is an introvert
who has many talents but
he doesn't have much fortune in finances (money)
so he needs to save up in order to live very well.

HwangBo is a quick thinker and
is extremely good in handling
financial matters (money) and people.
She has a good chance of marrying

someone outside her race or marrying someone
who frequently travels to foreign countries.

the husband should always show interest and care
for the wife so that
she doesn't turn her eyes onto another man.

then they show their future kids!!!
hyun joong and his son.. hwangbo and her daughter..
i think the son looks like daughter
and vice versa.. hahas..

then they had couple performance!!!
goodness.. it is too good to be true..
hyun joong dancing techtonic

played the electric guitar... it really awes mii...

highly recommended
tat u watch it...

here's some clips from the perf...
as they tally the score...

they won the performance round!!! [3rd round]

yeah yeah yeah!!! ^^

during the perf,
they display notes to each other..

Hyun Joong wrote to hwang bo..

"It's good if you treat me as well as you do now."

HwangBo to Hyun Joong.. [my fav]
"No matter what others say, let's just believe in each other"

it's a cliche sentence however it's important, isnt it?

the final round is the wresling round
where male vs male
and female vs female.. hahas..

off track for a moment..
each couple wears the same colour..

anbi couple - pink

alshin couple - blue
ant couple - black

sangchoo couple - red
[shall this be our official couple colour? or green coz of lettuce.. hahas]
so, they had the peppero games
so that
the winner can decide first
who they wan to compete with... ^^

other couple, both party would eat the chocolate stick...
but for joongbo couple, hyun joong did the eating job..
surprisingly, i find it gentleman..
it's like...
i'll take care of u... =P
joongbo peppero moments

and yeah! ^^
they won!!!
1.9 cm!! [left]

to compete first, hwangbo chooses solbi..
and hyun joong chooses alex..

hyun joong cheering for his buin!

hwangbo won over solbi in a short time
causing hyunjoong to be surprised!!! hahas

proud of his wife!!! hahas..

so shilang turns..
sadly, alex is not feeling well
thus hyungdon took over him instead..
hahas.. personally...
my hopes for hyun joong in winning fall slightly
as hyung don is big size compared to him..

alex was jokingly laughing & jeering at hwangbo..
and hwangbo was complaining
protecting her husband..
and kim gu ra commented that
they sent a pig [hyung don]
instead of human.. hahas

hwangbo cheering for his shilang!

however, HYUN JOONG is the BEST!!!
he won!!! hwangbo so happie!!! ^^

following it is shinae [she won against seo in young] vs hwangbo...
winner need to win 2 rounds out of the 3 rounds..
hwangbo won the first 2 round...
so she win it cleanly.. hahas
hyun joong reactions
in 1st round and
2nd round respectively..

since hwangbo won in the female category,
all it takes for the sangchoo couple to win

is for hyun joong to win against Crown J

well, crown J is well built..


after seeing hyun joong winning against hyung don,
i put full faith on him.. =)

and yes..
it was a well match competition...

it wasnt easy BUT
hyun joong swept it clean...
he won the first two rounds!!! hahass..
hwangbo jump in happiness all the time.. hahas
The overall winner for this special program is SangChoo couple!
they had their final speech...

JoongBo couple end the program with a love pose ^^

tat's all for the joongbo caps..
this time less pict but lots of mixed pictures instead..

click on those picts if u wanna see the subs..
i tried my best to fit it in..
hope u enjoy it!
see ya!

Personal Notes
During the Olympic gathering,

I can clearly see how close other couples were..
for example..

solbi leaning on andy wen watching and
they holding hands naturally..
Seo In Young sit intimately with Crown J.
If only our JoongBo couple is like tat too...

However, I wish to put on such hopes now..
as Hyun Joong is opening up to HwangBo.

and it takes only hwangbo

to accept his as Hyun Joong and not an idol...


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