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i totally got no mood to do anything today.. i woke up and have to listen to my dad's talk.. den i sleep or play computer.. wen it's time to break fast, i dragged my feet to cook.. wen it's time to eat, i dun feel like eating.. wen it's time to watch tv, i dun feel like watching tv.. wat kind of feelings is this?

so i spent the whole nite thinking.. or shud i say walking down the memory lane? hahas..
i suddenly remembered my primary skool classmates.. cant remember all but cld recall some of them.. apart from my clique, there were some guys tat i cldnt forget..

for example, my all time class partner, Reiney.. i can still remember how close we were in class.. his weakness is maths and my weakness is english.. so wherever the teacher wanted to shift the seating arrangement, we were the first to argue.. we felt compatible.. we cld easily teach each other.. thanks to tat, we didnt change partner for the whole year..

and in front of mii, there's always Hafizah.. she's my best fren.. even till now.. among all my pri. fren, she's the only one that i still meet till now.. well.. i just met her recently.. she used to be tomboyish.. but since she enter secondary skool, she change drastically.. hahas.. i still remember how she use to harass us.. hahas.. she LOVES to hit mii.. and i was super timid in pri skool.. everytime she hits mii, i wld cry.. haha.. can still remember there was once tat she got scolded by my fav. teacher.. for bullying mii.. hahas..

and then come Filza and Zeehan.. both of them are very close fren.. both in my clique.. definitely, inseparable.. even till now.. filza is a pretty gal who has a fair skin.. den there's this guy called Anuar who will always disturb her... calling her baboon..

and there's Nuriya and Roslinah.. and all together, we made a clique of 6.. roslinah is considered the smartest and most hardworking in our clique? hahas.. she always come to skool with a row of badges on her neck.. we always disturb her on tat.. she's also a mummy's gal.. everytime we disturb her, she would pout and not tok to us.. everytime hafizah took her pen, she would complain all the time.. and nuriya, she's has this arabic look.. we love to joke around wif her.. but in malay class, we were separated... hahas.. mii, hafizah & filza in one class and the other 3 at another class.. im glad in the malay class tat i used to be coz the teacher treat mii as his granddaughter.. after skool, he would always offer to send mii home.. or give less work to mii.. hahas.. those were the times..

other guys tat really cant forget wld be ahmad ghazi, short guy.. zulhilmi, the darkest guy.. ismail, the botak head.. hakim, the new transfered boy.. hahas... faizallulah, my neighbour who doesnt seems like one.. he's my neighbour but we dun tok to each other even in class.. haiz.. unlike mii and ardy.. almost as close as siblings.. anuar, the trouble maker.. reiney, the fav. partner.. still remember some faces but not names. i really wish we could meet again.. but wat are the chances? WE TOTALLY LOST CONTACT.. in fact, mii and nuriya had not contacted each other since we left Eunos Primary.. Zeehan and filza are my skool mates in secondary skool.. hafizah, no nid to say la.. we meet alot of times.. roslinah, i did make some effort to chat wif her..

i can still remember those laughing moment.. every morning all of us would meet at the staircase before gg for assembly... den i always at the road bcoz im the road crossing monitor.. hahas.. see how the guys always argue wif hafizah.. hahas.. i even dream of them.. those names tat were mentioned.. i really dream of them.. i guess i think of them too much.. hahas..

hope all fo us shall meet soon.. =)