We Got Married Ep 24 - JoongBo Couple Caps

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this thing really take up lots of my time.. but well.. im really happie to share it.. let mii credit first.. Credit for vid goes to Joongboskittles03.. from her vid, u will see further credits..

i really love hyun joong current hairstyle.. i know he always wear caps and he look cute in it.. this time round, he didnt wear a cap.. he style it up and i think he looks more mature or shud i say manly..? hahas.. a pict of them in the studio..

this week episode, the lettuce's couple mission is to help an almost 90 yrs old grandma..
they start the day by getting the mission envelope..
while going there, hyun joong talked about the sms tat he send her.. hahas..
it's the first time tat they exchange sms..
after 3 months of meeting each other..
they took 2 months to exchange phone number &
3 months to exchange text messages.. hahas..
i felt it's more natural tat way.. hahas..

den hyun joong ask how she fare in running.. hahas.. and he felt tat she's a fast runner..
so they had a match tat cause the MCs to call them a competitive couple.. hahas..
their match is to run towards the mission box.. hyun joong ask hwangbo to stand further front making him look very gentlemen.. i felt tat it was quite a distance and the chance of him overtaking her is slim.. below is the pict of its distant and hyun joong asked a favour from a grandma, spectator watching them, to call the race.. hahas..
unexpectedly, hyun joong speed was like a storm and he overtake her..
however he was gentlemen enuf, again, as he slows down wen he catch up wif hwangbo and let her wins.. he's the man!!

as said earlier, their mission is to eperience a rural farming community..
after some time, they reach the location and met the grandma who is 89 yrs old.. hahas.. she looks healthy despite tat kind of age.. so they had a mini chat wif the grandma such as introducing themselves...
the grandma said that hwangbo looks like her granddaughter and ask her age..
she guessed hwangbo age was 30 yrs old..
but she's younger!!! she's just 29 this year.. hahas..
which makes her laugh.. hahas.. while we r at the age issue, hwangbo told grandma tat her husband is younger than her.. grandma said it's okie cause her granddaughter married a guy who is 3 yrs younger..

however, hwangbo revealed tat her husband is 6 years younger..
the grandma commented that
"it's a sin to be older"
which causes everyone to laugh as well.. hahas..
chat enuf, they went for real work.. firstly, they had to plan the cabbage plant.. hahas..
it wasn't tat easy as the weather is hot and there's alot of plant..
however, 2 is a company and they are able to finish it within 1 and 1/2 hour..
2nd task is to pluck the red pepper.. hahas.. they once again show their competitive personality by having a game that whoever plucks the most wins and loser will have to make lunch..
one of the MCs was amazed by this couple..
as they are always so competitive and always makes things fun.. hahas..
i totally agree wif tat.. =)
after picking, they were debating on who picks more.. it was obvious tat hwangbo picks more.. but hyun joong was being ridiculous bout the loss.. hahas.. by making excuses.. such as below!!!
well, a game is a game and hyun joong left first to prepare lunch.. you can see tat hwang bo expression was as if she felt bad tat her husband had to go alone.. the protective side of hwangbo.. she's such a cool lady.. =D

i would say the best part of this couple is the lunch time.. hahas..
hyun joong made bibimbap for lunch..
while eating.. hyun joong saw something.. his enemy.. hahas..
take a look at his scared expression.. hahas..

hwang bo was shock to see his expression..
however, hwang bo is a cool woman, of course she will protect his husband.. hahas..
hwangbo wanted to catch it.. hahas.. u shud see how scared hyun joong is..
he stretched out his hand and hold hwangbo's arm to stop her from catching that thing!! hahas.. curious wat hyun joong's enemy is?

it's just a dragonfly!!! hyun joong have fears of bugs..

and hwangbo did a good job in catching it..
the moment hwangbo grab it.. hyun joong scream of fear.. hahas.. so cute..
you can see that he is really terrified..

hahas.. wat's funnier here was..
hwangbo starts threatening hyun joong with the dragonfly.. hahas..
after having so much fun scaring him, hwangbo told the dragonfly not to disturb her husband and release it far far away.. hahas..

hyun joong who is still scared told her that he saw the dragonfly eyes looking at his eyes.. hahas.. his imagination is too wild..

den the PD ask him, "Until now, you both still unable to talk to each other wif eye contact?"
and here comes another confession..

he say tat they are able to tok to each other wif eye contact already..
he gave an example that hwang bo likes to tilt her head and look in his eyes..
i think he is getting used to hwangbo..
and below picts, he told that hwangbo looks at him wif warm eyes... awwww...

his hair is nice rite? hahas..

and he expressed that he loves talking to hwangbo.. awww.. so sweet...
after tat.. they continue toking and suddenly... hahas..
it was so cool wen he said he will protect hwangbo... but it turns out funny wen he say,
"in exception of dragonfly and cicadas.. hahas.. "
den hwangbo's saw the dragonfly and started laughing.. hahas..
he saw hwangbo's reaction and ask
he is still paranoid.. hahas..
hwangbo told her that the dragonfly sat on his hat.. hahas..
look at his expression again.. hahas..
he ends the topic wif he got goosebumps.. hahas.. so cute..
den hwangbo told him tat wat they are doing [helping grandma] is a worthwhile thing to do..
and she said "wen she get married, she would do the same thing"

hahas... but she's married to hyun joong already.. with disappointed looks, he ask her..

but he twist the situation and make a joke out of it.. hahas..
& hwangbo explains herself..
after hearing tat, immediately i felt hyun joong reaction would be
and tat's all because he dun like mushy stuff.. but he continued the conversation...
and told her he felt bad..
and why he said he felt bad? hahas..
the reason is sooo funny.. hahas.. so cute..

then hyun joong was talking bout their first sms again.. hahas..
he was like saying, i sent u the text first..
and hwangbo told him tat it surprised her and thanks to that one sms,
it's changes her day as she was feeling depressed earlier.. hahas..
hwangbo shared was he wrote on the sms... he ends the text with ^^.. hahas..

after lunch, they went to bring back the pepper back to the grandma..
grandma gave them peaches to eat.. wah.. hwangbo is so skillful in cutting it.. so fast.. hahas..
hwangbo offered the grandma first saying that
"elder shud eat first..."
hyun joong catch things fast.. hahas..
and offer hwangbo next.. repeating the same word..
"elder shud eat first.."
hahas.. grandma says that it's good if husband treats u tat way..
and hwangbo replied that hyun joong treats her very well.. =P
hyun joong misses the air-condition.. hahas..
hwangbo offered to tag along with the grandma to the village centre to meet wif the rest of the elders.. although hyun joong is phobia of elder, he doesnt decline at all..
as hwang bo felt that they shudnt meet them empty handed, they decided to cook for them.. hha... so thoughtful of hwangbo.. =P

the hardworking couple.. =)

after the cook, they proceed to the village centre.. hahas..
hwangbo introduce themselves as sangchoo couple.. hha.. [lettuce couple]
since both of them had cooked for them.. they wanted to tell them that they had made something for them.. the conversation is funny...
HB: Have all of u eaten?
Grandmas: yes!! [all of them said]
HJ: im sure u guys r not full yet...
Grandmas: no.. we ate alot earllier...

thus they were worried for the popularity of the soup that they made..
hyun joong also claimed that since the one who cook is someone from seoul, they tot it wudnt taste good.. however...
all of them like it!!! they finish it all.. and complimented them.. =)
after eating, they have photo taking session.. they brought a polaroid.. hahas..
and hyun joong claimed to be proud to have hwangbo as his wife..
he says that she does things well and born to do good things..
and he like the fact that hwangbo is his wife!!!
last time, hyun joong had said he would be interested to pair with other couple.. hahas..
which some wat hurt hwangbo.. but i guess, he had changed his opinion now.. so happie...
they end the episode with group photo..
den they wrote things on it and paste it on their fridge..

Personal Notes:
Although this episode is not as fun as the wedding photoshoot, i think this episode is a fun experience.. hahas.. it gives great feelings.. more and more nice confession from hyun joong.. the fact that they had exchange text makes mii real happie.. hahas..
from awkward couple
to sang choo couple
to wink couple
to hardworking couple
to competitive couple..
no matter wat couple they are,
they are growing more and more comfortable wif each other..
and im glad.. =)

over 60 caps.. finally done wif it!!! hope u guys enjoy it!!! =)
see u guys at soompi...