Hana Yori Dango Final The Movie

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WOOT WOOT WOOT!!! hahas..
i've watched the movie last nite!!! hahas..
i watch it together with say haow and cheemeng..

say haow is working at Takashimaya, Mooncake shop,
together wif De Ren, Lisa and Lisa's fren, Amanda.. hahas..

so, no choice but to watch the movie there..

for goodness sake, i had never like to go orchard..
for the sake of someone, i had to go there.. hahas

so we had dinner at breeks.. hahas..
say haow was lucky coz he was able to have dinner wif us..
just nice wen we were about to order, he called us..
and we told him to join us.. hahas..

Chee Meng & his food..

Say Haow's food..
sorrie, didnt get to capture his face along.. hahas..

mii and my food!
hahas.. yup yup! love the food there.. as usual.. hahas..
say haow had to leave early back to work and will meet us again for movie.. hahas

den chee meng wanted to eat brownie.. hahas..

we sit there till 8.30pm.. den proceed to buy tickets.. at cineleisure..
waited for say haow and he was able to come earlier..
so had extra time to take pictures.. hahas..
okie.. i look short there... but all of us were bending down..
and i bend too much.. -_-'''

say haow and chee meng.. [hey! tat's my SWEET!!!]
say haow & mii..
chee meng & mii
bout the movie.. hahas... it was soo nice & cute..
matsumoto jun[tsukasa] had never failed to make mii laugh wif his character..
oguri shun[rui] cracked mii up at the last scene.. hahas..
and i love matsuda shota[sojiro].. hahas..
he got the cool look & I wld really love it if he end up wif nishihara aki[yuki]..

and abe tsuyoshi[akira], hahas, he finally turn out like a gangster..

unlike his previous character.. but i still both of it..

really love their frenship.. F4 forever.. hahas..
and thumbs up for tsukasa...

i love the way he is always sure of who he loves..
never ever once had doubt that makino is the one he love..
and there's no one else..

definitely, a must watch.. u shud watch it..
it's okie if u havent watch the series before..

but it's better to watch coz u might get lost in knowing who is who.. haha..

& before i forgot.. thanks mr charles yeo for the card & chocolate..
it's been more than 3 yrs since we tok or meet each other..
and im surprise by the card...
& i hope u have a great time in Australia.. =)

tat's all for now.. =P