Happy 3rd Year Anniversary!

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well... mii and my bf anniversary was on the 27 Aug actually.. but due to his examinations, we had postponed our celebration to today.. hahas... it's been 3 years we had been together.. 5 years since we met.. time flies so fast and i didnt expect our relationship had lasted even till now...

to make the 27 aug more meaningful, i had cut my hair.. hahas.. i think i got say before.. i cut my hair short.. so this is how i look now.. hahas..
so what did we do to celebrate the 3rd year.. hahas... nothing much.. we went to Singapore Flyer instead.. hahas.. it was a meaningful ride for both of us.. hahas..
here is the brochure wen riding it...
the rest of the picture is stored at my bf digi cam.. wen it's transfered, den i'll upload.. hahas.. it has a really nice view..

Personal Message:
by, we've share our tots.. we've share our memories while riding the singapore flyer.. we had said our future wishes and hope it will come true.. i hope our relationship will last long.. i love you for who you are and nothing else.. let's work hard together for the coming years okie? love you baby..

after tat, we went to vivo.. hahas.. he bought me a zinc bag.. white zinc bag... we both bought couple shirt.. den catch some movie..

while going back for dinner, i went to buy my fav drink, ESPriT Passionfruit... hahas.. it's been some time since i drink it... hahas...

as i was too engrossed in keeping the drink in my bag, it's fasting month and it's not good for me to expose food to the public, i nearly bum into felicia chin.. hahas.. i met her and zhang yao dong.. behind them were stylists? helper? dunno.. they were holding clothes.. and OMG, yao dong is super tall.. mii and him made eye contact.. hahas.. he's nice and he smiled at mii.. i guess he has an image to keep... and nearly bumping Felicia Chin, she apologizes to mii.. i guess she need not say so but she's nice rite? she's tall too.. i tot she's short.. hahas..

Felicia Chin

Zhang Yao Dong
tat's all for personal life.. =P

Now, hahas.. i was watching ShowBiz Extra at Arirang.. and there's was a poll on
"who would you like to spent ur vacation with.. "
hahas.. it was really interesting.. and lemme share the result here..

7th place: Jang Geun Suk [i just tok abt him this morning.. hahas]

6th Place: Yoon Eun Hye 5th place: Big Bang 4th place: Lee Jun Ki [all time fav actor!!!] 3rd place: Rain 2nd place: Super Junior 1st Place: DBSK i shall tok bout lee jun ki another day.. hahas.. since i just finish iljimae series, i think it's worth it to tok bout him.. my all time fav actor.. y? every series that he acted in, i had watched it all.. hahas.. thinking of him reminds mii of yoon jung hoon..he is also my all -time fav actor.. hahas.. sad tat he's married.. but the wife is super pretty so im happie for him.. his wife is Han Ga In.. im sure lots of u noe her..

tat's for today.. =)