Triple Happiness!!

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The first thing to celebrate is Mr Ong Song Chin's wedding..
fine.. i'm late in wishing him..
since i JUST found some pictures and informations to refer to..

Mr Ong Song Chin weds
on the 9th of March, 2008 to Ms Irene.
I wish him all the best wif his new beginning chapter of life!
Hope u got cute babies soon!
Here are some pictures to share.

Second good news is...
Happie Birthdae to my 1st brother!!!
Although our age gap is BIG.. hehe..
i dun think our relationship is...
well.. all the best in life and
give mii a nephew soon k?!

the final happiness, is of course our JoongBo couple..
picture credits is to Chonsa..
i havent watch this episode yet..
so, i dunno what's gonna happen..

seeing this picture...
makes mii wanna watch it so badly...
the moment i saw the pict,
my heart beats so fast!!!

YEAH!!!! ^^