27 nov (2)

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heys... since i got free time in skool.. lesson ends at 5pm and i went to lab to print things.. after that, slack for awhile.. im a lil stress.. thx to CMSK.. i dun like her lei.. llike got attitude problem like tat.. haiz..

juz now, i went to hand in my LOA.. my fren ask mii wen im LOA-ing and what's the reason.. then i told them, next friday.. i can only LOA during BFA tut coz in the morning i have JAP presentation.. so no choice need to go in the morning.. den, wen i told them the reason, they all say "confirm not approved!" hahas.. den i was a lil scared.. lols.. coz, first thing, it is last minute! juz yesterday that they change the air tickets so i need to make new arrangement too.. sending LOA less than 2 weeks.. wat are the chances that it will get approved? hahas.. den, my reason is just like tat.. hahas.. it's the true reason and i dun think i wan to lie in the reason section.. so i wrote, im sending my mother off at the airport who is leaving to perform Haj(pilgrimage).. den i was thinking.. if it was mii, as a lecturer, to think properly, i may and may not approve it.. hahas.. but as i said in the previous post.. my mum is more important than skool.. im like not gonna see my mum for more than one month.. so i cant miss this opportunity of sending her off.. hahas..

den.. wat else.. hahas.. nth much today.. i went to wish alvin happie belated birthday.. im aiming for 12 midnight to wish Amirah Happie Birthday.. im sure she will be online tonight.. hahas.. im considering to wish Denver also.. since both b'day the same, might as well do the same thing.. he's a good classmate of mine.. although he looks cold and quiet, he's friendly and nice to tok too.. especially in msn... hahas..

cmsk.. the tot of tat subj today is killing mii! i dun like her.. big time.. wah.. she's like got attitude prob.. i dun feel 'up' in her class.. den wen we divide the class to teams of 3(mii, ronald and huanyi one team).. it was abit tough to split into teams at first.. as time flies, i can feel that im getting used to some few things.. hahas.. this is one of them.. hahas..

i dun feel that sad today.. despite some distance wif my classmates, i tok to some alot today.. i tok to sebast, val, sharon, wei choy and more la.. hmmm.. more opportunity to come.. simple things can really make mii happie..

saw the DBSK's stuff juz now.. thx to jasmine lim.. she was browsing yesasia.com den we saw the Asia Tour CD is out.. and also, we saw the AATVXQ special edition thingy.. hahas.. i wan both of them.. but got to say, both are above $50.. im squeezing my pocket money for the next month.. since i cant ask for extra money wen my mum in Mecca.. hahas.. but, good thing is that, i'll be back for tuitioning in january.. and i think it will be the last year also.. since my tuition student will be taking PSLE next year.. unless, they wan mii to teach them sec stuff.. which im not so confident of... while tuitioning ppl, i learn to take responsibility more seriously.. i mean.. if i cant tuition them, i might as well quit and dun destroy the kids further.. hahas.. tat rings the bell too.. thx to tuitioning, i dun have tat bad impression towards teaching afterall.. coz last time i used to claim, teaching is stressing and lame.. but wen i started tuitioning, things seems alot different.. i even once had a conversation wif my mum.. i guess my mum was a lil flabbergasted wen i told her i might wan to enter university.. den she was like.. U SO RICH AR? den i was telling her.. if i wan things, i will get things planned out properly.. at least the basic.. like.. if i dun have money, i'll take bank loans.. or i might be considering to study at night and work in the daylight.. something like tat.. one thing tat im sure of.. if i were to do this, i will be quiting lots of outside activities such as South East CDC, percussion group, stage management and all.. such a sacrifice... haiz.. i dunno wat to say.. den if im not entering Uni.. den i need to secure my job.. not easy.. if i failed in the financial industry.. i'll straight away go NIE and become primary skool teacher.. PRIMARY! not secondary.. y? coz secondary is much more stressful.. juz like my NETBALL team CAPTAIN says.. it's so fun.. hahas.. she's such a funny toot!

tmr need to come an hour earlier to play games.. sound fun but it's not! coz this game is an educational game that i need to learn for the FBI IMMERSION.. seriously.. this thing is such a rush.. and in my class, although we reach the target of 25 students, the no is decreasing instead of increasing.. this thing has really went out of my control.. and i seriously cant do anything bout it.. hahas..

APEL CIP.. im considering children's home.. ill be in charge i guess.. hahas.. im going for the home and ask for the procedure.. mayb tmr i go.. coz the APEL got the requirement to do CIP.. den 10 places had been reserved by Jolene to do the community service under IITSC.. i saw the event but cant make.. i cant even meet my bumbees on tat day.. sad sad.. i want to go lor.. lalalas.. i think i wil be taking the rest to the children's home den.. i wanted the old folks home actually.. coz, wen i went there, i was impressed by them.. they tell good stories.. and their conditions are really sad.. but my experience in the children's home is not tat good.. if very young, fun ar.. if got the one who is naughty and all.. wah.. dammit liao lor.. ahas.. i dunno who havent do the CIP yet but i'll juz ask for the whole class.. one for all, all for one remember? hhas.. im toking to myself..

kk.. im packing home liao.. after i finish my research.. i dun wan to stay in skool till 8pm... hahas.. kk.. tata!